My Edmonds Restaurant News: New microbrewery taking shape, American Brewing now open 7 days

Salish Sea Brewing Company will offer hand-made beers at their downtown Edmonds microbrewery.
Salish Sea Brewing Company will offer hand-made beers at their downtown Edmonds microbrewery.

With the exodus of Gallaghers’ Where-u-Brew to Harbor Square, to join American Brewing Company, it was only a matter of time when downtown Edmonds would sport its own microbrewery. As My Edmonds News reported in June, that time is near, thanks to the husband-and-wife team of Jeff and Erika Barnett.

How near? Jeff Barnett says he gets that question a lot, especially since his Salish Sea Brewing Company has high visibility on Dayton Street next to Canarino Gelato.

“We hope for late October,” Barnett says. “Likely mid-November. I hope to have something tasty to serve at Thanksgiving.” He added on a Facebook post: “Keep the good thoughts and positive energy flowing, visit other local breweries, drink different types of beer, keep up with us for updates, and be ready to celebrate when we open.”

Stephen Clifton, the City of Edmonds’ director of Community Services and Economic Development, says a permit has been issued to Salish. That means the Barnetts can officially construct all of the improvements. Much of the work being done up to permit issuance related to the building owner getting the space ready for their tenants, Clifton said.

Speaking of breweries: American Brewing Company is now open seven days a week, including Monday from 3-9 p.m. for Monday Night Football, for Skip Madsen’s fine craft beer, free popcorn, great music, and fill-up-your growler goodness. If you haven’t been to American for awhile, try this Saturday from 7-10 p.m. when a great guitarist – Steven Stefanowicz – takes the stage. You’ll be smiling.

Claire’s new look.

A new color for Claire’s: There’s something comforting about Claire’s Pantry on the corner of Third and Main. It’s not the trendiest place in town, but there are plenty of movers and shakers who gather in the bar, and the grub is just fine (Joe’s Special Our Way scramble, yum). But there’s something new about Claire’s, at least on the outside: a new paint job. What do you think? I think the color, and trim, looks just fine.

Setting it straight: In the inaugural My Edmonds Restaurant News two weeks ago, I wrote that Chanterelle’s was celebrating its 16th anniversary. Rookie mistake. Owner Brooke Baker clarifies: “Randy and I took over Chanterelle 16 years ago, but we did not open it. The longer version that few would care about is that it was opened in 1986 and had three sets of owners, then we took the helm in ‘97. I wouldn’t want it thought that we were taking credit for opening it when in fact we didn’t, as many long-timers around here are well aware.”

Changes at Dick’s? Long-time Puget Sounders are used to the cash-only policy at Dick’s Drive-In. Not everyone has cash, though, and Dick’s did install an ATM machine when it opened its Edmonds location in October 2011. But it appears that the Spady family is ready to accept debit cards. But keep those dollar bills in your wallet or purse. Jim Spady tells the Seattle P-I that the conversion will happen within five years.

Good deeds on 9/11: Debbie Duvall’s Revelations Yogurt on Main Street donated all of its tips on Sept. 11 to the Edmonds 9/11 Memorial Fund. Over at The Cheesemonger’s Table in Old Milltown, 100 percent of proceeds from sales of Strom Peterson’s delicious turkey Reuben went to the fund. “It was our small way of saying thank you to all the men and women who put their lives on the line every day,” says Peterson.

Soup’s On … soon: Soup’s On Café at Five Corners isn’t quite ready to open, but it already has one fan who can’t wait to try its goods. “I’m especially excited because I loved the former Soup’s On in Old Milltown and was sorry to see them go,” wrote Maryellen Young. “Sounds like I’ll have a new favorite place!” I can’t wait either, Maryellen. The cold nights are here already, and I’m ready for a warm belly.

Will Edmonds get a vegetarian restaurant?: I asked if anyone wanted a vegetarian restaurant in Edmonds. Woodway resident Chuck Greenberg raised his hand. “Four out of the five members in my family are vegetarian,” he says. “I’m always looking for vegetarian restaurants, especially locally. I also noticed that there must be many vegetarians or near-vegetarians in the area. Some time when you have a minute take a look at sales of the various vegan options at the PCC-Edmonds deli counter. I have been a vegetarian for about six years and, frankly, I see no downside.”

Denny’s is back: I always wondered why Denny’s on Aurora and 205th decided to close down a few years back. I miss those Grand Slam breakfasts. It was replaced by America’s Diner, which closed as well. Now, as you have probably seen, the sign at the location reads Denny’s again. The banner out front reads “America’s Diner,” so now I’m really confused. (Actually, Denny’s is just going through some rebranding.) No word on when Denny’s will open; a call and email to corporate hasn’t been returned. Let me know if you see that it’s open, and I’ll provide an update!

— By Brian Soergel

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  1. Thanks for the updates! Appreciate your reporting. I’d second the vegetarian! … And add to that: Middle Eastern, Ethiopian and Greek! Maybe the vegetarian restaurant could offer feature a different country each day.


  2. I too would welcome a vegetarian restaurant and would also be able to contribute to the project (should there be one). I have had decades of being vegan/vegetarian and am also a Registered Dietitian. This would be a fabulous addition to Edmonds! Count me in!!


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