Officer files $500K sexual harassment claim against Edmonds Police Department

Officer Jodi Sackville
Officer Jodi Sackville

Officer Jodi Sackville, a five-year veteran of the Edmonds Police Department, has filed a $500,000 claim against the City of Edmonds, alleging three years of ongoing on-the-job sexual harassment. Her claim goes on to allege that she was subject to retaliation after reporting this to her superiors.

Sackville’s claim specifically states that she reported being harassed by a police sergeant, and that the Edmonds Police Department failed to respond with “prompt and effective steps to provide a safe working environment.” Her claim goes on to state that “since that time the Edmonds Police Department has engaged in and continues to engage in sex discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and retaliation against me.”

Her claim lists at least six other officers and staff who were witness to the alleged harassment.

Last year Sackville was honored with Citation for Valor for her actions in helping rescue the occupants of a burning building at the Park Ballinger Apartments.

According to reports, Sackville and three other officers were investigating a burglary at around 3 am on Feb. 12, 2012, when the fire broke out. Sackville ran from door to door to wake up residents as the fire became increasingly involved. Despite imminent danger to herself, she continued to go into the building to rescue tenants until she was overcome by smoke. She was evacuated to Harborview Medical Center where she was treated for smoke inhalation. Read more here.

City of Edmonds Human Resources Director Carrie Hite declined to comment on Sackville’s claim while the investigation is ongoing. Neither Sackville nor Edmonds City Attorney Jeff Taraday could be reached for comment.

— By Larry Vogel

10 Replies to “Officer files $500K sexual harassment claim against Edmonds Police Department”

  1. 20 years ago I was a respected Staff Photographer for Boeing and went through sexual harassment at the hands of a top level, good ol’ boy Executive. I reported it to my Superior and within a month I was laid off, although I was requested for most of the top assignments and other photographers were hired after me. I loved that job I’d held 5 yrs and was just 3 months shy of being “vested”. I had no Union to protect me. I couldn’t afford an attorney. All I can say to you, Officer Sackville, is, see it through. Don’t have a nagging regret that you can’t forget about even after 2 decades.


  2. (Dave) I look at it differently, unfortunately from personal experience. To me, it’s a presumption of truth on the part of the accuser. Especially “in our society today” people who speak up are rarely given a parade, let alone support.


  3. Char, The thing about sexual abuse cases is that so often the defendants reputation is ruined by the allegations whether true or not. Just the cost of putting up a defense causes many defendants to settle for large sums of money out of court, as will probably happen in this case. The city will pay a small fortune to avoid the drama. And so it goes.


    1. My apologies to readers about the publication of the comment that Dave is referring to. It violated our policy of not including a first and last name and was mistakenly approved rather than deleted. It was been removed. (We did attempt to contact the commenter asking for a full name but did not receive a response.)


  4. As observant citizens without specific inside information we simply cannot reasonably and logically assume guilt or innocence of either party or parties at this early stage of this conflict. That is why we as free Americans have a judicial system that usually finds the true facts and administers justice appropriately. Personally I feel that the odds are high for a fair and just resolution through the courts if required.

    I have great admiration and respect for each and every member of the EPD. I know where their hearts are. Yes, and as with in any human endeavor there occasionally is a human failing. In fact we recently had such an incident which has been resolved by court action.

    Both Char and David have made valid points. Let’s hope and pray that our system will sort out the specific facts of this case if the situation has truly gone beyond the amicable settlement boundary.


  5. fyi to my edmonds news all you have to do is read her claim and there are six people listed there who are witnesses there is no mystery or smoking gun here its all public information,she put in a claim for half a million listed she was harassed by who and six witnesses why you calling out dave you printed the article and highlighted the claim. and i have no comment on any of this other than i read it and dave have you been fishing


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