2 Replies to “ACE candidates forum, part 1: Adrienne Fraley-Monillas and Ron Wambolt”

  1. “tweeking of the code”……comment regarding development on Highway 99 by Mr. Wambolt…………”tweeking” (interesting that he used that term……is exactly (literally) what goes on in that whole area (among many other crime related activies there) , and will continue unless law enforcement and the city of Edmonds figures out a way to make changes that aren’t class related and that are long term. …….. pretending that this area is just an “international” area does not change the crimes that go on there…..nor will it give this area a better future…..It is adjacent to the highway. The issue of crime activities needs to be addressed first before ANY Edmonds development money is spent there.


  2. Thank you for providing these forums. They are indeed valuable and informative.
    I believe it would be a good investment to develop Highway 99. Please preserve our environment, especially regarding coal trains and the Marsh.

    Carolyn Munn


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