Edmonds Election Watch 2013 notes


– Edmonds City Councilmember Joan Bloom announced on her blog EdmondsForum.com that she is endorsing two candidates for city council: incumbent Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, who is facing challenger Ron Wambolt, and Randy Hayden, who is running against incumbent Kristiana Johnson.

– Ron Wambolt’s supporters are holding an event at 6 p.m. Wednesday, and they encourage those interested to drop by and meet the candidate at C’est la Vie, 320 5th Ave. S.


3 Replies to “Edmonds Election Watch 2013 notes”

  1. Joan Bloom has endorsed me in my stance on building heights in Edmonds. Building heights is a big issue. I just watched a news clip on channel 5 about development rights. It is very troubling to me. Developers buy land in the country and hold it undeveloped in exchange for being allowed to build taller buildings in the city. The following sentence is a quote from Kristiana Johnson when ask about her vision for Edmonds. You can find it at the Edmonds Patch. She said, “The long-term vision for Edmonds is not a personal vision, but is the result of a coordinated vision that involves many levels of government.” I have publicly stated that I’m against any type of trade off to allow increased heights.


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