Letter to the editor: Fraley-Monillas a candidate who ‘will listen to you’


To The Editor:

Seeing all the yard signs for the November election, I felt an urgent need to publicly thank one of the candidates for re-election. I wondered if the voters of Edmonds were aware of the many hours of her busy life she has devoted to our senior community. Understanding the aging process and helping guide and direct those seniors in need has been an exceptional accomplishment!

Thank you Adrienne Fraley-Monillas for your love and caring of our seniors! We are very comforted in knowing you are representing us in the Edmonds City Council. We have also learned that you are responsible to all the property owners and residents of our fair city. You care about the future of Edmonds. Listening to the people and seeing to their needs is truly a great attribute.

I’m casting my vote for Adrienne and I urge all other voters to do the same. She will listen to you, not outside interests.

Rose Marie Cantwell

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  1. Yes, Mr. Shelton, Mrs. Cantwell and Mrs. Fraley-Monillas are board members and I am very thankful for their service to the elders in our community.
    If you were to reference the latest American Community Survey published by the US Census Bureau (now closed by the republicans sitting in the US House of Representatives), you would see that we have a significant number of senior citizens in our community. Eight percent of the Edmonds population is between 55 and 59 years of age; seven percent of us are in the 60 to 64 cohort; a whopping 18% are 65 years old and above. The median age of our community is 47.5 years. It has been documented that those of us aged 55 years and above can be counted upon to turn out to vote on election day.


  2. I’m 38, married with 2 kids and work full time. I do not feel like Mrs. Fraley-Monillas listens to me or people like me at all. I do not sense that she has done much to reach out to newcomers or the 67% (2/3) of Edmonds residents under the age of 55. I do believe that her votes have diminished specific opportunities for the kind of vibrant, dynamic community I would like to live in. I think her choices will have negative reprecussions for downtown businesses and low-income families and fail to live up to Edmonds potential to contribute positively to the sustainable growth and development of our region. Her votes have likely increased the future tax burden that my family will be asked to bear when others have departed. For those reasons she will not earn my vote, but don’t worry Mrs. Cantwell, your daughter is still my choice for the office she holds. I’m sure Mrs. Fraley-Monillas is a wonderful person with good intentions and I wish her well, I just can’t vote for her in this election. Thank goodness we are all free to make our own choice based on our perceptions. I’ll be happy to work with her to address my concerns if she does win.


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