Letter to the Editor: Outside vs. inside support — you can’t have it both ways



I just received my campaign postcard for Strom Peterson. A nice presentation with message. But wait, there’s much more. I see a politician from outside Edmonds standing next to Strom. Gosh it’s that Democratic Mayor (of a sort) from Seattle, Mike McGinn. Then I see other Democrats, some living in D.C., another not even living in Edmonds these past many years, endorsing him.

Well, whatever, except in this case it’s ‘ok’ to have outside (of Edmonds) endorsements for Stom, but for one candidate, Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, her opposing candidate’s handlers say this is wrong. Welcome to Edmonds’ campaign politics. However, I’ll assume the electorate is smart enough to see the duplicity and ignore those speaking on behalf of candidate Wambolt, who first presented the negative statements about “outside support”.

If this were an Edmonds standard for electability (that is, not outside-of-Edmonds support), then in the case of Peterson v. Rutledge, you have your winner and it’s Al Rutledge! Al is a true local citizen and presents no glossy, outside endorsements to ‘wow’ the local voters.

Ok, fellow citizens, we have three Council positions to fill. So what matters, and who then will we vote in? The local political handlers can’t have it both ways.

Jim Underhill


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  1. Jim, “outside” support is not a bad thing – Strom has solid local support – what makes “outside” support interesting is when it is stronger or more apparent than local support.


  2. Jim, I am in agreement with you! It does seem that there was some complaining about the “outside” support when it was about Fraley-Monillis. They can’t have it both ways. I also feel that so-called ‘politics’ with regards to party affiliations does not have a place in our city council. Or, at least I thought that was the way. I must be wrong!


  3. This argument is interesting. One candidate in one race has a viewpoint, and Jim wants to hold another candidate in a different race to that standard? And I guess it is now a bad thing that other, like minded and well respected elected officials support local candidates?

    It’s good to see the second comment jumped in with a strawman so now “they” can’t have it both ways. If “they” are in two races wouldn’t that mean that “they” can’t have it four ways?

    I’m sure there is a point being made here. I just don’t think anyone knows what it is. Or “they” are.


  4. Come on – Get out of the Edmonds bowl – centric mind set. Just vote for the best candidate. Real life knowledge, exposure and endowment is a good thing. And vote for Stroke.


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