Letter to the Editor: Another political campaign has ended


Dear Editor:

My pursuit of a City Council position began in March, eight months ago, and it has been the center of my daily activities every day since then. Now I am disappointed and sad to learn that this endeavor has come to an unsuccessful conclusion. There are only an estimated 150 ballots remaining to be counted; the final report on the total vote will be Nov. 22.

Numerous people have contributed considerable time to assist with the planning for my campaign, erecting campaign signs, organizing fund raisers, creating media materials, managing mailings, doorbelling, etc. We have visited every accessible home in Edmonds, over 10,000 homes, from mid-June thru October. I personally called on 5,251 homes.

We did everything we could to communicate my message, to learn about residents’ concerns, and to truthfully present the differences between me and my opponent. I continue to be available to meet with anyone who contends that any of our messages were untrue, lacked factual foundation, or simply to discuss a vision for the future of Edmonds.

I want to very sincerely thank all of those who provided so much help and support, and all of the 6,428 citizens who trusted me with their vote to represent them on the council. You clearly sent a message that you want a better Edmonds. If only 312 of the 13,521 who voted had switched their vote we’d have a different outcome. To all of you I promise to continue advocating for progressive policies, and pressing for action on the important issues our city faces.

To the many who contributed financial support so generously to my campaign, I’m sorry that I turned out to be a poor investment, but you can be confident that it was not for lack of effort.

Claims and representations were made by both candidates in this race. I believe in transparency both for council candidates and for sitting councilmembers. Therefore, if anyone would like to review the documentation supporting the claims and representations I made during this campaign, I am open to providing it. I hope my opponent, as well as candidates for other council positions, will take a similar position and offer specific documentation of their claims and representations to further transparency in Edmonds city government.

I look forward to encountering you at events in our city, and during my daily walks thru our community.

All the best,
Ron Wambolt

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