An alert for Seaview neighbors regarding a suspicious man

If you live in the Seaview neighborhood and have a teenage daughter, here’s an alert that was posted Sunday around 3:30 p.m. on the Edmonds Moms Facebook page:
Something scary and unreal just happened and the police and I need your help to find girl involved in incident. We live in the Seaview neighborhood, my family and I were driving N. on 88th approaching 192nd St. SW. We saw a white male around 40, stocky build, walking behind a young 16-18 yr old white female. We witnessed him grab her and put his arms around her from behind, she ducked and got out of it as we stopped car and I started yelling. Do you know him? She quickly started walking away saying no as I told her to keep going quickly. We ( my husband and my 2 kids ) stopped him in the street as I told my husband to call police… he started to get confrontational, flipping off my kids, spit on my daughters window and was acting very unstable, he was most definitely mentally disabled. We kept following him as I called 911 all the way to his house and waited for police.
They said he is not a sex offender but has given them problems and they have had to deal with him before.. He lives in my neighborhood… and they can not arrest him unless the girl calls and reports this in as well….. SO…… Do any of you know anyone this happened to about 45 min to and hour ago???? If it’s your daughter or friend or family member, please encourage them to call right away!



  1. Get involved with your neighbors and get connected the more people that we have connected the faster we as a whole can help each other in situations like this.

  2. Why can’t the police do anything about this based on your statement?

    They know something about this creep….just a matter of time.

    I have a teenage daughter close by and I’m concerned we, as a community, have to live in fear because Mr. wacko has special rights.

    Something just does not add up here!


  3. As a member of the Seaview Block watch, we have a wonderful neighborhood support group as we started having block parties to get to know all our neighbors. As such, we have a pretty good email listing thanks to Stephanie.

    Here is a response from Sgt. Marsh regarding this issue:

    Chief Compaan requested that I contact you and the concerned citizens in the Seaview area about the incident that occurred on Sunday which had been reported.

    The officer who responded is familiar with the man in question and confirmed that he has had a history of mental issues. (The male has a very limited criminal history with nothing in the past three years and specifically nothing violent noted) Any official criminal contact has been for misdemeanors up to this time.

    The officer worked with a detective yesterday to forward information to the Snohomish County Mental Health Professional’s office so that they could review his history and this most recent incident. Yesterday afternoon the same officer who took the report, accompanied a Mental Health professional to the residence of the subject and talked with him and his family members. They discussed assistance options with the family who were all receptive to the meeting. We are hoping that this will enable the family to get the proper help to address the issues that the subject has.

    If there are any further incidents like the one on Sunday or other contacts with this subject or anyone else please do not approach them but call 9-1-1 immediately. As for the Sunday incident, we still do not know the identity of the female.

    If you have any further questions or concerns please let me know. And please feel free to forward this to the citizens in the Seaview area that you had communicated with about this incident. I didn’t have any other email addresses or I would have forwarded it to them as well.

  4. Thank you Diane for informing us of the response from our police department. I and my family too live in the Seaview neighborhood. This is a wonderful part of town and we all do seem to cross paths daily.

    There are two alarming things though that come from the response,;

    1) “Yesterday afternoon the same officer who took the report, accompanied a Mental Health professional to the residence of the subject and talked with him and his family members. They discussed assistance options with the family who were all receptive to the meeting.” – Does this mean there was a confession of the act described by our neighbor? If so, why no arrest or charge? If not, are we as residents of the neighborhood supposed to just wait and hope the subject never attempts this again? Hoping the family get’s the perpetrator the mental health help he needs, when they have failed to do so to date (given his history), seems terribly risky to me. Is their answer to the next crime against our children, “well, we asked them to take action and they didn’t”?

    2) Second, since we seem have a neighborhood block watch organization that can elicit a direct response from our police department, do you ever ask the department to address the constant speeding and running of our stop signs (especially in the school zone)? Dog’s don’t defecate in their own beds, yet our neighbors seem to think stop signs and speed limits are optional. It is getting very old, watching me and my family’s safety put in jeopardy because my neighbors need to save a second or two of time.



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