Letter to the Editor: Another endorsement for Steve Bernheim


To the Edmonds City Council —

I hope that you will wholeheartedly endorse and vote for Steve Bernheim to fill in the vacancy created by the departure of Frank Yamamoto. I have worked with Steve on several progressive ideas and admire him very much. He loves Edmonds and wants to retain its charm and also make it progress into the best that it can be for the future. He has great ideas that I supported especially on the issues tackling the near and mid waterfront.

Having been on council he will not need to be “broken in” the job and he will be a great asset to the council.

Please vote for Steve Bernheim!

Betty and Brian Larman
now in Pittsburgh…Go SeaHawks!

  1. I’ll preface my comment by saying that this in my personal view that may not win any popularity points and that I’ve not yet had the opportunity to meet Mr. Bernheim but I have followed and am aware of his record and previous contributions on council.

    Mr. Berheim chose to serve one term and move on. While there is value in having someone who doesn’t need to be “broken in,” there is also value in having a fresh set of eyes, ears and objectivity to this council.

    We have the opportunity to improve the dynamics of council and not rebirth old factions.

    I personally am not for more of the same – time for a fresh set of eyes – and perhaps even someone who represents and fits the average median age of 46.

  2. Normally my instinct would be to agree with the above “Out with the old and in with the new” mentality. However Steve Bernheim is a sharp exception to my usual thinking.

    Steve is an honest, intelligent, best qualified affable team player who will not disappoint the vast majority of Edmonds’ citizens. I felt a loss when he dropped out after his first term as he served with great distinction during his term.

    All of the other individuals who have attempted a come back through appointment have been losers. Steve has never lost an election and I’m certain he would be a virtual cinch to win if the public made the selection.

    I urge the City Council to appoint Steve Bernheim on the first ballot. Edmonds deserves that.

    Ray Martin

  3. Steve is a nice guy, good neighbor and all. But he led the campaign for two of the sitting Council members and having him join them creates a clear ‘block’ of thought and likely voting. Edmonds has need for Council members from around town, representing the needs and concerns of other neighborhoods. It’s best to look there for our ‘fill-in’ member.

  4. Searching the City Web Site does not produce a list of applicants for Council. Applications were due on Friday, Does anyone have a list?

    If history is a guide and with this council divided on a number of issues 3-3 then the vote for council will also be a 3-3. But why? Do individual council members have some litmus test for new members? If so what is it? Any ideas?

  5. 1. Deborah Anderson

    2. Steve Bernheim

    3. Kathleen Dewhirst

    4. Harry Gatjens

    5. Randy Hayden

    6. Tim E. Healy

    7. Philip Lopresti

    8. Thomas W Mesaros

    9. Carreen Nordling Rubenkonig

    10. Alvin A. Rutledge

    11. Timothy A. Schell

    12. Stephen C. Schroeder

    13. Val Stewart

    14. Neil Tibbot

    15. Ron Wambolt

  6. I requested it from the council secretary who supplied it one hour ago after dealing with a personal situation.

  7. Ron Wambolt received over 6,400 votes in the recent election. None of these other people worked for 6 months or knocked on over 10,000 doors like he did. Ron is so over qualified for this position that their really should be no debate about who the next council person will be. Recently our city finance director resigned because of what he says were unwarranted attacks from council members. Ron knows finance and could easily aid in the transition from the outgoing to the incoming finance director.
    Never in the history of the council has someone been as prepared for every meeting as Ron Wambolt. He not only knows A – Z on his own issues but is prepared for all of the issues all of the time.
    The city council is a non partisan position that has become very partisan in the past two election cycles. A persons party affiliation matters to this council. As an independent Ron has worked harder and longer to get elected. Lets get him back on the council.

  8. And here it begins…more of the same “that’s a lie,” “he said, she said;” time for a fresh perspective from someone who can exercise tact, knows how to suggest someone may have been “misinformed” tactfully, and can bridge strategic with tactical so that we can preserve the unique qualities of Edmonds and remain sustainable.

  9. Nice thought Mike, but unless and until we get to know what council members and applicants believe and how they will make decisions we are all likely to be in this mess. I would urge council to figure out how to get out of this mess. When we vote or appoint people how will they make their decisions or are their minds already made up. As it relates to development and change some on council seem to be of one mind.

    Mike you are a voice of reason and your comment are always thoughtful.

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