Meet your local business: Balas Homes, LLC


image001Business name: Balas Homes, LLC

Products and/or services: We are a residential building and services business providing home maintenance and repairs, remodels and new custom construction.

Background on business: A fourth-generation residential building and services company, Balas Homes, LLC is a new venture with father and son Steve Balas and Jonathan Balas. The company was founded in the early 1930s by great-grandfather Steve Balas Sr., a first-generation Hungarian immigrant, as construction became a way of survival as the Great Depression ended.  In 1960, Steve Sr. and his son Jerry started a real estate and construction company in California, where they built and sold hundreds of homes over a 40-year period. During this time Jerry’s son, Steve Jr., became part of the company and now in Washington, Steve Jr.’s two sons are both in the construction industry as well. Today Steve Jr. and his younger son, Jonathan, are partners in Balas Homes, LLC, carrying on over 80 years of family tradition.

Unique/interesting features about the business: “Our history is deeply rooted in quality and experience which gives our customers the confidence that we will do the job correctly the first time,” Steve Balas says.

Business contact information: Phone — 425 493-3257, email — [email protected], website —

2 Replies to “Meet your local business: Balas Homes, LLC”

  1. Congratulations Steve, I’m sure you’ll have great success. Let me know when you need building plans, green, energy efficient, resource efficient, low toxic consulting or solar system design and sales. I look forward to working with you, and I enjoyed meeting you last spring. Best of luck to you and your son. I know you’ll do great things in Edmonds.


  2. Here we have a great, new, TRUSTWORTHY, contracting/remodeling/building service in our town. This family also lives in Edmonds and has a record of being a strong asset to our community. This is a wonderful family! So good to have this here, right in our own neighborhood!


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