Adams’ public disturbance charges dismissed; fate of dogs still uncertain


Rose Adams was back in court Wednesday morning on the matter of her longstanding public disturbance/barking dogs charge filed in February 2013, and to revisit the issue of third party placement of her five legally licensed dogs seized by Edmonds police in March 2013.

Per a defense request, Judge Douglas Fair ruled and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the public disturbance charges without prejudice.

Regarding placement of the seized animals, Fair clarified responsibility for this determination. Saying that “it is really up to the city where the dogs are placed, not the court,” Fair established that the court has “limited oversight” in this area and that it is up to the city to investigate potential third parties and determine their suitability in this regard.

Adams’ next court appearance on animal issues is set for March 19, at which time the court will consider her retrial on two animal cruelty charges. Her first trial resulted in a hung jury (see article here).

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  1. NO… it is up to the courts to decide, they have jurisdiction. Period. Anyone who can read & understand the Revised Code of Washington (RCW’s) can PLAINLY see that the city is merely the reporting agency to the courts. Custody is NOT an administrative matter it is always a matter for the courts & you don’t need a Juris Doctorate to know that. So it seems they are doing exactly what I said they would: Pretend they are spanking her to get everyone off thier case so they can go on with business as usual having “An Edmonds kind of day where an animals screams go unheard for almost 2 & a half years. Too late, Sadie’s screams have been heard around the world now.


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