Business brief: Targeting ‘the young and hip,’ Rogue planning to open March 8

Kimberly Koenig will open Rogue March 8.
Kimberly Koenig will open Rogue March 8.

Edmonds resident Kimberly Koenig has always had a passion for fashion. So it’s a dream come true to be preparing for the opening of her new downtown Edmonds fashion boutique, Rogue, aimed at “the young and hip who live, or dare to venture, north of Seattle.”

We dropped by the store, located in the former Joan Longstaff real estate office at 524 Main St., to visit briefly with Koenig, who was organizing racks of clothing and accessories for her March 8 opening. A mom of two, Koenig has an advertising background but says she always found herself acting as a “personal shopper” for her friends.

Rogue’s target audience is women ages 25 to 35, and the store will offer mid-priced women’s clothing and accessories, including handbags, shoes and jewelry.

“When it comes to fashion, I love being unique, interesting and a bit unexpected,” Koenig said. “My goal, like many women, is to look like I paid way more than I did. I call it ‘Affordable Luxe’ and that’s just what Rogue will offer.”

Koenig said she saw a need in Edmonds for a boutique that focuses on the younger customer who is conscious of current fashion trends and wants to make them her own.

“Downtown Edmonds has some great women’s fashion boutiques,” she said. “Rogue will be the young upstart who comes in and shakes it up a bit. I’m excited to join the other woman-owned boutiques and make Edmonds a great place for retail shopping.”

Rogue will be open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, noon-4 p.m. Rogue will be closed on Mondays. The boutique will also open for Edmonds’ Thursday Art Walk and other special events.

12 Replies to “Business brief: Targeting ‘the young and hip,’ Rogue planning to open March 8”

  1. Yay!!! Welcome…… Can’t wait to visit your store. . As a former boutique owner catering to this customer… I know you’ll do great!!!


  2. Congratulations Kim! When you do what makes your heart sing, you will ALWAYS be successful. I may not fit your demographics, but would love to visit!


  3. Can’t wait to visit when it opens! As the owner of Stunningly Strange Gallery I love hearing of new boutiques catering to the younger audiences! Plus as someone who falls into Rogue’s target market I am super excited to go shop in there! Congrats and welcome to Edmonds!


  4. As an Edmonds Economic Development Commission commissioner, I’m happy to see this boutique open. We often talk about the need for more businesses that cater to (and attract) younger folks, as well as growing families in Edmonds.

    I’m sure a clothing store focusing on affordable, casual clothing for youth and children would also be a very welcome addition; not necessarily downtown, but -perhaps- in one of our other business districts.

    Wishing Ms. Koenig best of luck and many years of good fortune with her new business!


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