From the Edmonds Mayor: View from the 3rd floor

Mayor Dave Earling
Mayor Dave Earling

Recently, I am often asked about another view, my view of the current stalemate of the City Council and the selection of the seventh member of the body. Anyone who is paying any attention knows they are at impasse. An impasse which, after several meetings, appears to be firmly in place; locked at 3 to 3, one side offering several compromise candidates, the other side sticking with one candidate.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 18, the Council had been at impasse for 47 votes with no resolution. An uncomfortable position for all council members, not to mention something for the community to debate and debate and debate… and express frustration over the situation.
This past Tuesday, the City Council decided to step back and defer further votes for two weeks. In comments from the dais, several councilmembers indicated they need more time to research the potential of other candidates. A potential breakthrough? Stay tuned…

While indeed I may have an opinion of the current situation (and I do), the decision is solely the council’s to make — that is, until the end of March. If no decision is made by the city council after 90 days, the process and decision goes to Everett, for the County Council to decide.

The County Council may create its own process and decision, completely separate from the City Council. The county has complete control, with no obligation to acknowledge the City Council process or the 14 applicants who interviewed for the position. They may simply start over. Of course, just the opposite is true for the city; we then have no control of the situation or the outcome. None! Oh yes, there will be phone calls, emails and conversations to the County Councilmembers to influence the outcome, as there has been to our City Council. But bottom line, no one from Edmonds will get to vote on the seventh member.

I believe the County Council would make an objective decision, and I guess the good news is the County Council has five members… an uneven number, so ultimately, as the drama plays out, we will get a new councilmember. Oh yes, if the County Council for some odd reason does not make a decision after 90 days, the action then shifts to the Governor! Seems like it would be best if our local councilmembers find a way to success…

— By Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling

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  1. Much in the media has been written regarding the City Council in the past number of weeks. I am reminded of the Wash. State Association of Cities Mayor’s Handbook, Chapter 7:
    Resolving and Preventing Mayor Council Conflict.
    Separation of Powers
    I think a lot of the citizens of Edmonds need to be reminded of this also……There is a reason for the separation of powers
    Just saying………


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