Letter to the Editor: Why I support Neil Tibbott for City Council


Dear Editor:

I am writing to you about my friend Neil Tibbott. You might say that this is an endorsement of sorts. Neil expressed to me that he is applying for an Edmonds City council position that has opened up. Neil stated that there are some very good candidates who have been on the council before and are very qualified as well.

Neil, as you know, is a member of the Edmonds planning board. He has a wonderful family (including Buddy) and he is rooted in Edmonds. Almost all of our conversations have something to do with what’s going on with the City Government. One of Neil’s greatest attributes is that he knows how to organize a community. Every 4th of July he has a barbecue for our neighborhood at his home. He will literally walk the streets and invite folks to come. Almost everyone he invites will come. Some years will have a large attendance and some small. Doesn’t matter! Neil just wants to get the word out- “Come and see”!

Neil is a person who is a “realist” about things going on all around us but at the same time he believes that by being consistent in your beliefs and doing whatever is necessary to pursue your goals, with hard work and dedication, change can happen. Neil is my friend, my neighbor and my brother in faith. He is full of integrity and always errs on the side of “doing the right thing” as opposed to what is popular. Neil is not “quick” to judge but he will ponder and seek advice to come up with a solution.

I have so many accolades that I could say about Neil but none of them would do him any justice. If you elect Neil to the City Council you will find out just who he really is. Oftentimes a breath of fresh air is all that’s needed to permeate a community into feeling like it is Spring again. You know what folks call that around here? “An Edmonds Kind Of Day”!

Ron Smith

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  1. I have worked with Neil on a project for MHS booster club and was impressed with his professionalism, willingness to accept feedback and his timely responses. He’d be a great asset to our community serving as a council member.


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