Now open: Portofino Pizza and Pasta


portafinoWe received word that Portofino Pizza and Pasta has reopened this week, with new additions to their menu including Greek fries and crisp onion rings.

Visit their Facebook page for more details and hours of operation. Portofino is located at 1306 Olympic View Dr. in Edmonds.

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  1. I am glad to hear that this restaurant has pushed the “reset” button. My first visit was several months ago, and my husband and I found that the service was as tired as the decor, with major communication problems between waitstaff and the kitchen. The result was a free pizza, but we could see that that remedy could easily cut into profits if it happened very often. We are very happily making plans to give Portofino another try, as we realize our economy depends on supporting our local businesses–our neighbors! I encourage others to do the same to help Portofino with its new beginning.


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