Rose Adams’ dogs to leave shelter — but where will they go?

Adams' and Beutlers' first court appearance on May 22, 2013 drew a crowd of protestors to Edmonds Municipal Court to draw attention to the case and advocate for the animals.
Adams’ and Beutlers’ first court appearance on May 22, 2013 drew a crowd of protestors to Edmonds Municipal Court to draw attention to the case and advocate for the animals.

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the Edmonds couple charged with animal cruelty and maintaining more dogs at a residence than the law allows began unfolding Wednesday in Edmonds Municipal Court, as the court took up the question of what to do with the remaining dogs.

Hanging in the balance is the fate of five dogs who have spent the past nine months in a local animal shelter. They were among the 14 dogs seized when the Lake Ballinger-area home shared by Rose Adams and George Beutler was raided by police last May.

The other nine animals were unlicensed and have since been adopted or fostered out. But these five were legally registered to Ms. Adams. Technically her property, they have been held at the shelter at city expense pending disposition of her case.

Convicted by a jury earlier this month of exceeding the legal maximum number of animals at a residence (see article here), Adams was sentenced to jail time, fines and two years’ probation during which she may not possess or have under her care any domestic animals. With Adams now unable to reclaim her dogs for at least two years, the court took up the question of getting them out of the shelter and finding them a more permanent living situation.

The City of Edmonds recommended finding foster homes through PAWS. This was unacceptable to Adams, who instead wanted them turned over to two personal friends who would provide foster care until such time as she could reclaim them. Lawyers for both sides conferred to seek a compromise. Ultimately the city agreed to look into this approach, and the defense agreed to allow city animal control officers to interview and research the two friends to see if they would be able to provide suitable foster situations.

On Monday, Feb. 24 at 1 p.m. the city will present its findings in court, at which time the individuals proposed to provide foster care will also be present. Edmonds Municipal Court Judge Douglas Fair said that he hopes to be able to make a determination on that day.

— Story and photo by Larry Vogel

7 Replies to “Rose Adams’ dogs to leave shelter — but where will they go?”

  1. Giving them to a friend of Rose’s is giving them to Rose. And I can’t believe the city is actually saying she can have the dogs back in two years. What the ****. There’s actually people out there higher than George and Rose. The city is gonna spend two years wasting tax dollars on playing games with these two. In the end everyone else gets punished for their crimes, while they walk.


  2. Well she only has 3 friends… all 3 of them have given her dogs, even some of the dogs in this 14: I would put money on the fact that none of those will have those dogs a week after they get them. BUT I know who & where they are so I WILL be watching. As miserable as this woman has made my life, & the lives of many other people & animals I am not going to let this go…


  3. These dogs were seized. Adams should have no right to decided the fate of these innocent victims. By allowing Adams to name who may care for the dogs is unfair. What a bunch of poo.
    Further if the courts were truly concerned then they would realize how cruel it will be to re-homed with “friends” only to allow the dogs to be uprooted again when Adams has served her time out. If these “friends” were willing to give the dogs homes, why didn’t they come forward sooner rather than when they had to? These little voiceless victims should be allowed to be adopted out into forever homes rather than back to a very undeserving person.
    Adams and Beutler should NEVER be allowed to have animals in their homes again.


  4. Never ever for one second has she thought about what is best for these dogs. Keeping them in limbo for two more years rather than allowing them to be placed in loving permane nt homes….confirms what we all know sbout Rose. NOT that she should have any say in this matter.


  5. I appreciate the local people who are doing what they can to hold her feet to the fire and to protect these dogs. I would hope when the next trial like this comes up the Lawyer will be sure to disallow anyone who is not a dog owner. It is not fathomable to me why she was not found guilty of animal abuse.


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