Scene in Edmonds: Salon-ready for Driftwood’s ‘Steel Magnolias’

steel magnolias
Driftwood Players’ Cherie DeKeyers and Katrina Agustin

Cherie DeKeyser of the Edmonds-based Driftwood Players’ advertising and promotions committee came up with a hair-curling idea to promote Driftwood’s current production of “Steel Magnolias.” The play takes place in Truvy’s Salon, explained Driftwood’s Kathleen Huston, and “salons are where women congregate and chit chat.”

To promote the show, DeKeyser visited all Edmonds-area salons, supplying each with postcards about the show. “Some salons wanted to provide us with gift certificates and salon products,” Huston said. “So each show we have volunteers in the lobby, donning curlers and outrageous outfits. These ladies (and even one guy) are selling raffle tickets. The proceeds will benefit the Edmonds Driftwood Players’ scholarship fund.”

Ticket information for “Steel Magnolias” can be found here.


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