Scene in Edmonds: Saturday afternoon rugby

embers of the Edmonds Boys and Girls Club. Today I went to see my grandson play and learned that the Health Commission and Verdant sponsored this athletic clinic for kids at the Boys and Girls Club where the members were able to participate at no cost.  The last photo shown below is a close up of the shirt provided to all the players, and worn by Gabriel Cavalier,  my grandson. Today's game of the 3rd-6th grade teams were from Westgate and Beverly.
Vivian Murray shared this photo of her grandson Gabriel Cavalier, front center, along with teammates from the Edmonds Boys and Girls Club during a rugby match in Edmonds Saturday. Murray noted that the Verdant Health Commission sponsored several weeks of practices ad games for Boys and Girls Club members, who were able to participate at no cost. “Sponsoring athletic events like this is an awesome way to get kids outside and moving around!” Murray said.

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