Soundview 4th graders question mayor about Robin Hood Lanes closure

The class clearly enjoyed Mayor Dave Earling's visit and the chance to pose for a photo with Hizzoner!  The mayor enjoyed it too. "Best meeting I've been to all week," he exclaimed.
The class clearly enjoyed Mayor Dave Earling’s visit and the chance to pose for a photo with Hizzoner! The mayor enjoyed it too. “Best meeting I’ve been to all week,” he exclaimed.

Fourth grade teacher Sarah Berkley had no idea when she assigned her students to write a persuasive letter that it would result in a personal visit to her classroom from Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling.

Two of her students, Sage and Ella, had enjoyed family bowling outings at Edmonds’ Robin Hood Lanes…until the facility was torn down last year to make way for a new Walgreens (see My Edmonds News article here.) They decided to use the writing assignment to ask Mayor Earling why this had happened and to ask about getting a new bowling center for Edmonds.

“My family and I really LOVED Robin Hood Lanes,” wrote Ella. “I think we should have a bowling place in Edmonds because bowling is awesome. Plus kids need a good place to have fun and bowl.”

Sage’s letter was no less to the point: “I need you to understand that a lot of people are disappointed. Robin Hood Lanes was the best, it was close and young people need fun activities.” During his visit to the classroom Tuesday, Earling related how he had spent many happy times bowling with his children at Robin Hood, and that he totally understands and supports the need for healthy, fun places and activities for young people.

“But in this case the property owners made the decision to sell, and the city didn’t have a direct role,” he explained. “While I don’t see a new bowling facility in Edmonds’ future, there are plenty of programs through our Parks and Recreation Department, many targeted directly to young people, that can help fill the void left by the loss of Robin Hood Lanes.”

Earling concluded by promising to have Parks and Recreation staff contact the class and outline the array of fun programs and activities offered by the City of Edmonds.

“I love it when young people take an interest in their community,” said Earling. “This is the best meeting I’ve been to all week!”

— Story and photo by Larry Vogel

7 Replies to “Soundview 4th graders question mayor about Robin Hood Lanes closure”

  1. Been hearing rumors that the owner of Robin Hood Lanes still has all the equipment somewhere and is planning on opening an alley somewhere in MLT. Not certain of name, location, or timeline just yet


  2. I know the previous owner of Robin Hood Lanes and that rumor is false. The equipment has been sold and there is no intention of opening another bowling alley in the area.


  3. Some time back the previous owner called me after I had made a comment on MEN about free market issues. The call was pleasant I was surprised that he reached out. He told me directly that they would move to another location. Must have changed his mind or was not telling the full story during the call.


  4. There could be a number of reasons for a slow start. I have not yet seen the classic ribbon cutting for which Edmonds is famous.


  5. The parking lot at the Walgreens should stay empty. They located there strictly to impact Bartells. They are notorious for doing this around the Country. I was talking to a Commercial Real Estate Representative and he said this is Walgreens M.O. I also feel that taking away a fun, wholesome, physical activity like bowling from the Fine Folks of Edmonds (and beyond) is just flat out wrong! My Wife and I will choose to support Local Business and visit BARTELLS every time we need a Drugstore item and would hope that anyone who cares about keeping Edmonds as a “Home Town” place to live would do the same.


  6. Excellent comments, Joe. Walgreens is practicing “marketing 101” – a component of that being to weaken a strong competitor in its home market (Washington State) to discourage it from having any thoughts about expanding to other states. There absolutely was no need for one more drug store at Westgate. Walgreens is catering to their perceived needs and not the needs of the citizens of Edmonds.


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