Welcome to our newest sponsor, Sunergy Systems


solar uMy Edmonds News would like to welcome our newest advertiser, Sunergy Systems, which is sponsoring a Sunergize Edmonds seminar this Saturday, March 1, 9:30-11:30 a.m. in the Orchid Room, Edmonds Conference Center, 201 Fourth Ave. N.,

The event will explore:
– the role that solar power plays in solving energy issues facing the U.S.
– how solar panels actually convert abundant light from the sun into usable electric power
– how well solar power works in the Pacific Northwest
– about state and federal incentives, along with how much a typical solar investment costs

The seminar will also cover how having solar power can impact your electric bill, how much the state will pay annually, and typical payback periods.

According to Sunergy:

Washington State has one of the most innovative and generous incentive programs in the country. These state incentives combined with federal incentives actually make solar more financially attractive than going solar in many of the sunniest states! No wonder solar in Seattle has grown by 50% annually.

The time is ticking away to take advantage of the remaining incentive lifespan, so now is the perfect time to claim your energy independence green investment before this solar season kicks in.

You can learn more here.

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