Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles to speak on human trafficking for Edmonds Community College lecture series



Washington State Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Washington state Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles will offer historical, cultural, socioeconomic and public-policy perspectives on human trafficking 7 p.m., Tues., April 8, as part of Edmonds Community College’s ongoing series of public lectures with thought-provoking and inspirational scholars, artists, activists, and community leaders.

Kohl-Welles presentation, “Human Trafficking in Washington: From the Historic Mercer Maids to Sexual Exploitation in Internet Ads,” will take place in the Black Box Theatre on campus. Admission is free and open to the public.

Kohl-Welles, the sponsor of many anti-trafficking bills, will use historical accounts, film, and current events to examine and provide context for what’s being done to intervene and prevent human trafficking. She received Seattle Against Slavery’s 2010 Lincoln Freedom Award for her legislative efforts.

Kohl-Welles has served in the Washington state Senate since 1994, following three years in the state House of Representatives. Kohl-Welles serves on the University of Washington’s Human Trafficking Task Force and ArtsWA.

She holds a doctorate in sociology of education from UCLA and has been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Washington since 1985, teaching courses on women studies, sociology and education. She is a national and international presenter on the topic of human trafficking, speaking frequently with international delegations as part of the World Affairs Council’s international visitors program.

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  1. Human Trafficking, 1976, Edmonds, Seattle, Washington, Allison Nakashima, 15 year old, disappears (April 10th, 1976) and is murdered just before she is due to TESTIFY in court in Seattle against the man that raped her and tried to turn her out for prostitution, now called trafficing. The U.S. Attorney for Western Washington (then assistant prosecutor) card is in my sister’s purse at the crime scene. Rapist and trafficker released from jail, even though it was supposedly not known that she had been murdered, as her body hadn’t been found.

    Allison Nakashima didn’t have an enemy in the world. Thirty eight years later, and this case is still UNSOLVED and an open murder case and the police do not want ANY information from the family, nor is the FAMILY name for Allison anywhere in the case paper-work. SENSATIONALIST article done in local newspaper with incorrect information (2 years ago) ….not only denigrading the victim again, but her sister (me) also and mother (who never spoke about Allison again after her body was found, not EVER) Allison (who again, had NO enemies) is denigraded by the police in the case paper-work and racist comments made about her in the paper-work. . The mother and father of Allison were NEVER interviewed by the police department in Edmonds 38 years ago nor during ANY other years ever. The family was told 38 years ago that this case was solved, later (35 years later) to find out the case was still open and unsolved with evidence missing. The people around that were involved with this case 38 years ago are still around…..and we know, remember the only time a 15 year old girl was dumped at Five Corners in Edmonds. When I inquired about this case when I moved to Edmonds 4 years ago, I was told by the Det at EPD., “How should I know, I was riding my bike and doing my paper route back then”, even though I found out later, this was the Detective handling the case paper-work and going through my sister’s boxes of case items and remarking items and re-packaging evidence.

    .I was told by the Edmonds Police Department (after I said the family was offering a reward for information that leads to this case being solved) by a Sgt. (about a year ago 2013) that this case was being turned over (supposed “good news, Tere”) to the Snohomish County Cold Case Unit at the Snoh. Cty, Sheriff Office……This was a year ago, and recently when I inquired at the cold case unit, I was told they had NEVER heard of the name of Allison Nakashima. This clearly was a lie from the Sgt. to get me to go away……I don’t even know if that is legal

    I also submitted extensive information from research I had done in the past 2 years (many prominent and known people in my research) to the Snohomish County Prosecutors Office regarding this case and shortly thereafter I was looked up by a person I listed in my research paper-work that had never been mentioned before as this was a name from a recently found (after 38 years) memorial book from Allison’s funeral, of a person that was there at the memorial and signed the book. Someone gave that information out. There was also people whose information online (that I submitted) conveniently disappeared, and some whole businesses and names from my research suddenly disappeared.

    The EPD refuses to take ANY information important to this case. I believe this is the oldest UNSOLVED murder case in Snohomish County. Wouldn’t you think EPD would want information to CLOSE this case.

    The people involved with my sister’s murder are still out there and here amongst us.
    There are many people that have the information regarding what happened in 1976 to my innocent 15 year old sister and they are still around…..some are within blocks of my home.

    The medical examiner’s report said she had been strangled (not raped) and the crime scene photos show a 5′ marker at the crime scene. I have this photograph and it is definately a large 5′ marker. This was mentioned by a number of law enforcement at the crime scene in 1976……”marker”. It also looks like a digit was missing from her hand. The missing evidence ( I was told that EPD had this evidence, and then by EPD that they didn’t know where it was) was a medical examiner sample in a vial that had a digit in fluid with something attached to it. I assuming there could have been the posibility of DNA.

    *** Also, the last two people (one a 15/16 year old girl , one a 19 year old boy) , the 19 year old having driven off with my sister when she disappeared, got MARRIED 3 months after my sister’s murder. (I have a copy of the marriage certificate)……The mother of the 15/16 old girl (at the house with the three of them) was not even listed in the detective paper-work with a NAME…….The 15 year old girl also changed time frames to the EPD the next day, according to the case paper-work

    Anyone with ANY information, please contact the family, or anyone interested in helping to solve this 38 year old open murder case of a child.

    Trafficking is alive and well all over……..For all the people, children, etc. that disappear out there, there is a perpatrator of a crime still walking among us…….Without JUSTICE, a nation cannot be civilised. We need to DEMAND JUSTICE always


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