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Shiloh Early Learning 2 (2)Publisher’s note: This is an update to a business profile that was posted in January 2014.

Business name: Shiloh School

Products and/or services: Shiloh School offers licensed private part-day and all-day preschool, kindergarten and first-grade classes.

Background on business: Shiloh School is an approved private school through Washington State for kindergarten and first grade, says the school’s Kayce Aspen. Starting in the atrium of Aspen’s house, over the past two years children with specific learning needs found a home at Shiloh. Due to high demand for the services being offered, Shiloh quickly outgrew that space and moved into a new facility. Originally a school offering a unique program for children with learning differences, Shiloh School has expanded to offer a dynamic educational environment for all children. It is the belief at Shiloh School that all children have the right to a good education, whether typically developing or with learning differences. Shiloh School offers a fun, hands-on, play based academic curriculum for preschool (ages 2.5-5) and school age children (ages 6-8). Children learn and thrive in a small learning community.

Unique/interesting features: During the school year we offer part day preschool and kindergarten as well as full day preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Over the summer we offer summer school for children wanting to learn something and have a blast! We offer part day and full day options for children ages 2.5-8 years of age. Spaces are available.

Contact information:, phone 206-455-5997, email [email protected]

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