Have a special offer or message to share? Introducing ‘Say it, Edmonds’


My Edmonds News presents ‘Say it, Edmonds’ — a new messaging feature that lets you get the word out about special events, business opportunities and milestones right here in our community!

Want to say “congratulations” to your favorite athlete for a job well done? Click on the red-lettered message, start typing, submit your payment information and you’re done. Looking for a special way to deliver a birthday or anniversary greeting? We have you covered — all for the price of a greeting card and a stamp!

And ‘Say it, Edmonds’ is tailor-made for local businesses. Having a weekend sale at your shop or a special offer at your restaurant — just click on ‘Say it, Edmonds’ in any post and you can reach readers the same day. It’s easy and affordable!

Note that all messages are subject to pre-approval. Any messages that are not approved won’t be billed, of course.

Questions? Email [email protected]


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