Spring session for Edmonds Monday writing group starts April 7


Margot Page book best
‘Paradise Imperfect,’ by Margot Page

Edmonds Monday Morning Writing Group starts again on Monday, April 7, in the Edmonds Library. Open writing session is from 10-11 a.m., led by Janette Turner of EPIC Group Writers. At 11 a.m., Margot Page, author of ‘Paradise Imperfect: An American Family’s Move to the Mountains of Costa Rica’ will speak on turning writing into a career. She provided a preview of her talk, ‘I Want to Publish Something GOOD.’

“Writing is a great hobby, but how do you make the leap when you want to make it real? This talk will focus on how to ensure the quality of your work is high—in a world in which ‘publication’ is available to anyone who can figure out how to click Publish. Learn how to give good feedback, how to elicit it from others, and when to blow feedback off. Then, once you’re confident it’s good – what next? We’ll work from submitting to periodicals all the way to finding an agent, crossing your fingers, and going for the major publishing houses.”

Page’s work has recently appeared in The New York Times, Brain, Child and the Huffington Post. She is the creator of the popular Dear Drudgery column on the Brain, Mother blog and writes about Pope Francis, among other topics, for the Mamalode magazine web site. An excerpt of her memoir ‘Paradise Imperfect: An American Family’s Move to the Mountains of Costa Rica,’  was nominated for the 2013 Pushcart Prize. Read more on her website.

The event is free, but limited to the first 20 people. For more information on the free spring writing series, see the EPIC Group Writers website.                                                                                                                                          


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