Stephen Clifton leaving City of Edmonds to take Snohomish County post

Stephen Clifton
Stephen Clifton

Stephen Clifton, long-time Community Services and Economic Development Director for the City of Edmonds, announced his resignation Wednesday.

Clifton will become the new Executive Director for Snohomish County, acting as a liaison with county departments and assisting in the coordination of policy and procedure decisions. His last day with the City of Edmonds will be April 15.

Clifton said he will miss working with Mayor Dave Earling, city staff, citizens, community organizations/groups and many councilmembers over the years.

Over his 13-and-half-year career with the City of Edmonds, Clifton was instrumental in the formation of the Edmonds Public Facilities District and Edmonds Downtown Business Improvement District. He served as the City’s project lead for the Edmonds Center for the Arts, Edmonds Crossing Multimodal Project, Sound Transit Edmonds Station, and Fire Station 16. He also helped secure funding to build Edmonds Center for the Arts and acquire Marina Beach Park and Off-Leash Area in addition to other projects and programs.

More recently, Clifton facilitated completion of the City’s Strategic Action Plan (SAP). His economic development responsibilities also included helping form the City’s Economic Development Commission and working closely with the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, Port of Edmonds, Downtown Merchants Association and Economic Alliance of Snohomish County.

In accepting Clifton’s resignation, Earling described Clifton as “a true asset for the City. He is a great communicator, collaborator, and a strong part of the executive team. He will definitely be missed.”


13 Replies to “Stephen Clifton leaving City of Edmonds to take Snohomish County post”

  1. This is one of those bittersweet moments. I am so sad to learn that Stephen, the consummate professional who has contributed so much to this community, is leaving. He is witty, intelligent, skilled in his craft. He really cares about the people living in our town.

    But it would be selfish on my part to stop here. With Stephen’s talents and experience, the sky is the limit. I wish him the best of luck and success in his new position.

    Barbara Tipton


  2. Congratulations to the flat-earth society. You idiots have driven out another wonderful, positive City employee,

    I am very sorry to see Stephen leave. He has been a great asset for Edmonds and done many important things for the betterment of this community, which probably would have never happened. I can understand why he is leaving and cannot fault him. Progressive people can only fight the battle for so long. Previous and current City Council members have and continue to chop away at Edmonds’ soul. Working for Snohomish County is no cake-walk either, but at least there is positive outlook and a willingness to move forward.


  3. I propose we apply to Olympia to revoke the city charter & be annexed by Lynnwood. It seems the city government won’t be able to do what little actually gets done around here now.

    I have worked closely with Stephen for quite some time; most recently on the Edmonds BID. He is a true professional & very even keeled. I will miss him.


  4. Teresa – per your commenting policy, please consider whether or not the comment by John Dewhirst submitted earlier today should be deleted. Thank you.

    “We recognize that during the course of discussion, people sometimes disagree, and that sometimes those disagreements become heated. However, comments that are not part of a discussion, but are posted for the apparent purposes of calling someone a name or otherwise insulting them, are subject to deletion.”

    Best wishes to Mr. Clifton for a successful future. Thank you for your many contributions to our City.


  5. Ken, I thought about it but there is no particular person he is directing the comment at. The flat earth society could be anyone or no one, and there is no one group officially named that in Edmonds. If he was responding to a particular person or called a person (or group of people) idiots, or flat earthers, then I would do so.


  6. I agree with both John Dewhirst and Chris Fleck comments. Thanks Stephan for all your hard work and dedication to making Edmonds a better city


  7. Another sad day for the City of Edmonds. The hard work he and his team have done is evident in this City, and I agree – the world seems to be flat to some, and eventually, the revenue base, social and economic improvements, and the ability to really create an Edmonds where there is “An Edmonds Kind of Day” – is going to follow their logic.

    Congratulations to Stephan, an unfortunate loss for the City of Edmonds. I guess we can go back to arguing over water bills for the sports fields now and how best to interpret Rogers Rules.

    I am sure before too long, there will be one large Lynnedmountlakewood city for all of our fine residents to enjoy and to complain about.


  8. Concur with the congratulations and the great loss. Have worked with Stephen for 10 years on the Hwy 99 Economic Development Task Force. Stephen’s vision, hard work, and humor were trademarks of his time. He’ll succeed @ the next level.


  9. Stephan is one of those rare persons who was almost all action and very little mouth. Highly intelligent and a deep thinker.
    He just never blew his own horn. Well Clifton here is to you. We were fortunate to have you, thank you for your service.

    Today is a beautiful day in Edmonds we still live in a fabulous little city. Last I checked the Mayor is still on the job, none of our other staff people have resigned and we now have 7 people on our city council. If you are unhappy about the direction of the city
    you will have an opportunity to change it in about 18 months.


  10. Stephan and his endless support to all the commissions and committees will be deeply missed. He was a true asset to the City. He taught me patience and tenacity. I enjoyed working with him on so many projects. Good Luck Stephan Thank you for your friendship and Support


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