Suspects held on second-degree murder charges in Westgate QFC stabbings


The Snohomish County Prosecutor has filed formal complaints in Snohomish County District Court against an Eastside couple in connection with the March 28 stabbing that left one man dead in the Westgate QFC parking lot.

The complaint means that the alleged assailants, 21-year-old Codie Allen of Kirkland and 28-year-old Loresa Pilon of Bellevue, will remain in custody while the prosecutor assembles formal charges against the pair. They are expected to be charged with murder in the second degree and first-degree robbery. Bail has been set at $250,000 for Allen, and $100,000 for Pilon.

The District Court complaint action acknowledges that the evidence is sufficient to hold the couple on these charges, pending formal action by the prosecutor. It also sets a two week timeline within which charges must be filed.

According to documents filed with the court, Allen and Pilon met 23-year-old Colin Dahlquist of Bainbridge Island at the Edmonds ferry terminal shortly before 6 a.m. The couple had agreed to broker a drug deal for Dahlquist, and had arranged to drive him to another location where the transaction was to take place.

Instead, the couple planned to stop at the Westgate QFC, steal Dahlquist’s money, and leave him in the parking lot. Realizing he was being robbed, Dahlquist reportedly produced a large knife and in the ensuing scuffle was stabbed in the chest. Allen and Pilon drove off and left a fatally wounded Dahlquist on the parking lot pavement.

Several witnesses called 911 during the fight, and Edmonds police units responded. Dahlquist was pronounced dead at the scene. Allen and Pilon were apprehended a few blocks away in a car matching the description provided by witnesses. Pilon was taken into custody. Allen, bleeding from multiple wounds, was transported to Edmonds/Swedish for evaluation, and later returned to the police station.

The prosecutor has until the dismissal date of April 18 to file charges in Snohomish County Superior Court or the charges will revert to misdemeanors.

— By Larry Vogel

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  1. One life ended and two ruined in the blink of an eye. Imagine how screwed up your priorities have to get to think this is a reasonable thing to be doing (robbing or no robbing) at 6am.


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