Travel writing group starts April 9


Paris photo Vivian bestEPIC Group Writers presents Travel Writing Wednesdays, a new writing group for travel writers, starting April 9 at Savvy Traveler at 112 5th Ave S. in Edmonds. Attendance is free.

The travel writing program is led by Vivian Murray and Judith Works. “The group,” according to Vivian Murray, “will kick-off their first informal meeting focusing on writing travel stories via memoir, blog, magazine and book publication in a supportive and productive atmosphere. As a working creative group the group will generate ideas, motivation, and incentive to put their travel experiences down in writing whether for family archives or in print for the public.

“As a traveler and writer, I am aware of the resources available for travel writers from published travel memoirs to lectures to creative writing classes and more. The purpose of this like-minded group will be to serve as an ongoing hands-on writing session providing support, resources, and ideas giving this group impetus to focus on creating travel stories which others can learn from and enjoy.”

The travel writing group will meet every second Wednesday of the month from 3:30-5 p.m. at Savvy Traveler, which has generously provided the space.

For more information, contact Vivian Murray.

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  1. I don’t know if this is of interest to your group….but I write fictional travel memoirs that combine the fun facts of selected history with present-day drama and humour.

    Bullets, Butterflies, and Italy is my first book, a unique travel memoir that deftly combines a love story with an exhilarating Italian adventure through majestic Rome, captivating Amalfi, and breathtaking Siena during its fervent Palio Festival – while my next one, Bulls, Bands, and London, combines an unpredictable love story with a spirited adventure through the rock ‘n’ roll wonderland of London and thrilling Pamplona during its San Fermin Festival.

    Both books are part novel and part travel books. All the minor characters and incidents are based on real people and real encounters. And all the places exist. And yet, they’re both still works of fiction meant to inspire the reader to travel the world and participate in their own adventures!


  2. Hi John, thank you for telling us about your books; love the titles, too! (Almalfi certainly is captivating!) Are they available at Edmonds Bookstore? If you are local and available, perhaps you’d like to speak to our group in a month or two? We are inviting travel writers to drop by and share their writing journey. You can reach me at [email protected]. Thanks again! ~Vivian


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