Announcing My Edmonds News TV: ‘See what your neighbors are talking about’


MyENTV - Logo - Square - No TagTeresa Wippel, publisher of My Edmonds News, on Thursday announced the launch of a new website,

“My Edmonds News TV is designed to provide those who live, work and/or visit Edmonds with their own platform for watching local video content and to submit videos of their own,” Wippel said. “It’s clear that an increasing number of people are not only watching videos online, but thanks to the smart phone video technology they are also creating their own videos. My Edmonds News TV makes it easy for people to find their favorite local videos in one place, and also gives them a way to easily share what they have created — using the “submit video” button at the top of the home page.”

While My Edmonds News has always offered some video coverage of local events, and has provided video interviews of candidates during the past few Edmonds elections, this new website marks an expansion of efforts in this area, Wippel said. “Look for more videos of events around town, including live coverage of the Edmonds Fourth of July parade.”

You will always find a link to My Edmonds News TV from the upper left corner of My Edmonds News, with featured videos being rotated on a regular basis. The current linked video is the premier of My Edmonds News TV’s signature monthly video news magazine, “Edmonds Today.” This inaugural video news magazine features Epulo Bistro owner Tim Morris making his signature cocktail, Cole Gallery owner Denise Cole talking about her commitment to affordable art, Edmonds Police Sgt. Mark Marsh profiling some of Edmonds’ most-wanted criminals, and Edmonds mom Jennifer Marx offering tips for Edmonds parents and grandparents. The show even has its own theme song, composed by local songwriter Nick Baker.

Taping for the news magazine’s next show — which is available at the top of the My Edmonds News TV home page both in its 25-minute entirety and as a separate 5- to 6-minute segments — will start soon. All taping takes place at a new video studio located in downtown Edmonds.

Advertising sponsorships are available for the “Edmonds Today” video news magazine and My Edmonds News TV website at affordable introductory rates. For more information, contact Advertising and Marketing Director Maggie Peterson at 425-308-4013 or [email protected].

Wippel noted that she started My Edmonds News nearly five years ago with the goal of becoming an “online gathering place for neighbors and friends.” My Edmonds News TV expands that effort with yet another medium for community information sharing and interaction. “We invite you to visit My Edmonds News TV and see what your neighbors are talking about,” Wippel said.

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  1. This is very innovative,and we in Edmonds are fortunate to have you at the helm of this ‘communal gathering place,called MyEddmondsNews’.Thank you for all your hard work.
    Robert W Warren


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