Edmonds City Council to meet in committee work sessions Tuesday night


It’s committee meeting night Tuesday for the Edmonds City Council — simultaneous work sessions for the City Council and staff. Members of the public are welcome to observe the meeting, but public participation is limited to making comments at the end of the
meeting with a three-minute limit per person.

First, the council will meet at 6 p.m. in executive session regarding pending or potential litigation, which is scheduled to last 30 minutes.

Council committee meetings immediately follow, all in the Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N.

Finance Committee
Jury Meeting Room
A. (10 Minutes) 2014 March Budgetary Financial Report
B. (5 Minutes) Update on funds for Historic Preservation Calendar
C. (10 Minutes) Contract Renewal with Lighthouse Law Group PLLC
D. (5 Minutes) Authorization to Contract with James G. Murphy to Sell Surplus City Vehicles and Sell a Parts Car to Pick-n-Pull
E. Public Comment (3-minute limit)

Parks, Planning & Public Works Committee
Council Chambers
A. (5 Minutes) Solarize Edmonds Project Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
B. (10 Minutes) Naming of City-owned Facilities.
C. (5 Minutes) Special Event Contracts
D. (5 Minutes) Authorization for Mayor to sign a Local Agency Agreement with KPG, P.S. for design of walkway improvements on 236th St. S.W. from SR104 (Edmonds Way) to Madrona Elementary School.
E. (5 Minutes) Report on final construction costs for the Main Street Lighting and Sidewalk Enhancements Project and acceptance of project.
F. (5 Minutes) Authorization for Mayor to sign a Professional Services Agreement with KPG, P.S. for design of walkway improvements to 238th St. S.W. from 100th Ave W to 104th Ave. W.
G. (5 Minutes) Authorization to award a construction contract for the Annual Sewer Replacement Project – Phase 2
H. Public Comment (3-minute limit)

Public Safety and Personnel Committee
Police Training Room
A. (5 Minutes) Interlocal Agreement with Yakima County for Jail Services
B. (5 Minutes) Amending Ordinance – Avoiding compliance with traffic devices – Penalty
C. (10 Minutes) Appointments to Boards and Commissions
D. Public Comment (3-minute limit)

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