Poll: Should Edmonds School District keep senior project requirement for graduation?


Edmonds School DistrictOne of the current state-mandated high school graduation requirements is for each senior to complete a Culminating Project, also known as the “senior project.”

The Washington State legislature recently passed a new law removing the senior project as a state graduation requirement, starting with the graduating class of 2015, but school districts may choose to continue to require a senior project as part of district requirements.

Edmonds School District Board Directors and staff are deciding whether to keep the senior project as a district requirement for graduation. District officials are asking for input on the issue; they have posted a survey to gauge the thoughts of district residents concerning senior projects relating to graduation requirements.

You can complete the high school Culminating Project survey here, click here.  All feedback should be given before May 19. You can view the Edmonds School District’s current credit requirements for high school graduation, including the current Culminating Project requirements, here.

5 Replies to “Poll: Should Edmonds School District keep senior project requirement for graduation?”

  1. I certainly hope they find a way to keep this program in place. Through the Edmonds Daybreakers Rotary club, I’ve had the privilege of attending a number of the presentations delivered by graduating seniors summarizing their projects, the process and the outcome. It is absolutely inspiring to see these students pull together the various aspects of their education into a real-world application. Many times, the groups attending these presentations leave hoping to see the resumes of these students cross our desks when we are looking to hire new young talent for our businesses or provide scholarships for their continuing education.

    Beyond the benefits for the students, these projects often benefit the community. The majority of the projects I’ve seen presented were for works of service for a school, the community, a church or a student club. While I’m sure the students would still be involved in serving their communities and interests, it is wonderful that they have an opportunity to combine the practicalities of their education with service to their community.

    In talking with school administrators, I understand there are budgetary and time considerations when it comes to deciding whether to continue this wonderful program. I would encourage those concerned with these issues to reach out to the local community service organizations like Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and others to see how we can help solve these budgetary and staffing needs, and provide aid to our often over-burdened schools and educators.

    This is a excellent program and we should find a way to keep it.

    Jamie Reece
    Edmonds Daybreakers Rotary


  2. This is a great program and the School District should keep the requirement. Most of the Students do something that serves their community and it is a great experience for both them and the ones they serve. As part of his project, my son played piano regularly at a Senior Home where my Father was living. My father got to be the proud grandfather and the other Seniors it enjoyed the music. My dad died shortly before my son’s graduation, and it was great that they had that experience together.


  3. I second the two previous comments. I was privileged to be a panel volunteer for many senior projects at Shorecrest in the Shoreline district. I was continually blown away by the quality of work done by the students and it was fascinating to witness how they applied classroom learning to the real world. I was extremely disappointed by the legislators decision to eliminate the requirement – we need more of this type of education, not less.


  4. I do not believe the senior project helps seniors at all. It should be optional, not a requirement to graduate.graduate. They already have enough to worry about. As a graduated senior, all it did was stress me out. I could have spent my time more wisely and worked. I had to cut my hours down majorly to be able to do 25 hours! It is NOT beneficent. The class of 2015 will have a huge weight lifted off their shoulders with this requirement removed.


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