Talk at EPIC on Monday: First Steps to a Better Website

Jenifer Schramm, photo by Judy Schramm
Jenifer Schramm, photo by Judy Schramm

From Confusing and Cluttered to Clear and Clean: Creating a Compelling Website is the title of a talk by Jenifer Schramm at EPIC Group Writers this Monday at 11 a.m. in the Edmonds Library. The event is free; seating is limited to the first 20 people.

Jenifer Schramm crafts small business websites, drawing on her writing, editing and advocacy skills developed as a lawyer, a law school instructor, an executive director of an arts nonprofit and a freelance editor. She has a niche market of artists and writers and uses a DIY platform (no coding!) to make website creation as cost- and time-effective as possible. Her core strength is in working with the client to elicit the purpose of the website and refining content accordingly.

Those attending the talk will be asked: Why do you have (or want) a website? What do you find most, and least, effective in your (or another’s) website?

For more information on Jenifer Schramm visit Whetstone Project Assistance, To learn more about local literary events see EPIC Group Writers.


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