‘Unmasked’ published: Goal of Meadowdale HS art and literary magazine to promote healthy expression’


unmaskedMeadowdale High School students have released the third volume of “Unmasked,” the high school’s art and literary magazine. A team of students, who published the magazine for their senior project, solicited submissions, chose the art and writing to publish, laid out the magazine using Adobe InDesign, raised the $1,600 needed to print the magazine, and gained valuable career skills along the way.

All students at the school were encouraged to submit work to be published; of the over 150 students who submitted work for publication, 43 were chosen for the 32-page magazine.

The introduction to the magazine states that the goal is “to promote healthy expression through the arts; by promoting honest expression, we strive to diminish violence, self-harm, depression, racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other forms of negativity associated with judging others”. Published in the magazine is Emma Enga, whose piece titled “Conceiving Ourselves” reads, “Creating a work of art titled me/The brushstrokes breathtaking/Every flaw perfect”.

According to an announcement from the student publishers:

With generous funding from the Edmonds Public Schools Foundation and Comstock Jewelers, MHS students were able to unmask in the magazine and express themselves. The magazine is a collection of poetry, prose, songs, photography, and two-dimensional art. The project adviser, creative writing and English teacher Alison Ersfeld, plans to work with students again next year to create the magazine. Ersfeld just received another grant from the Edmonds Public Schools & Alumni Foundation for the 2014-2015 school year to help fund the project.


The magazine is available for free to students at the school, or by contacting adviser Alison Ersfeld – [email protected].

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