Welcome to our new column: Edmonds Healthy Eating


Deborah Binder Formal PortraitMy Edmonds News is proud to introduce our newest column, Edmonds Healthy Eating, written by Deborah Binder.

In May 2009 I received surprising and devastating news about my health. I saw my family doctor for my annual routine physical, ended up having an ultrasound the next day and by the end of the week I was scheduled for a complete hysterectomy. What was described to me as complex ovarian cysts during my initial exam, turned out to be high grade ovarian cancer once surgery and pathology was completed. Obviously the story is more complicated than this brief description; but here I am FIVE years later devoted to reclaiming my physical and emotional well-being.

The so-called cancer journey is not an easy one. After chemotherapy, I was left with a variety of long-term health issues that I address on a daily basis. I will be exploring eating for wellness (or “thriving not just surviving”) in this new column. I want to share stories about what has worked for me and explore topics that are part of my current exploration. I am NOT a nutritionist (in fact my degrees are in American Studies and History of Art), but I have been an active learner and participant in the science of food. Stay tuned for what our local community has to offer in this vast topic. I hope that we can create a dialog together so feel free to contact me if you have a story to share.

Deborah Binder lives in Edmonds with her family and she is celebrating her five year “cancerversary” this month. She is “dancing with N.E.D. (no evidence of disease) after being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2009. She is a foodie who loves to cook from scratch and share here experiments with her family. She attended culinary school on the East Coast and currently chef assists at PCC Cooks and NuCulinary Cooking School. Her current interest in food is learning to eat for health and wellness, while at the same time enjoying the pleasures of the table. As Julia Child once said, “Everything in moderation including butter.” Deborah can be contacted at [email protected].

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    1. It was nice to see you at the Food Festival last Sunday. Thanks for your support. Here’s to wellness!


  1. Great article Deborah!
    It is wonderful to see you looking so well. Looking forward to reading your articles.


  2. Betty: Great to hear from you. Hope things are good in the midwest. Thanks for your support. Have a great summer…hope it’s not too hot! (Having grown up in St. Louis I know that Pittsburgh gets hot and humid!)


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