Caught in the act….of kindness

Tina Christiansen catering for a friend (photo by Janette Turner)
Tina Christiansen catering for a friend (photo by Janette Turner)

My Edmonds News is looking for stories of folks doing good deeds and small kindnesses. This is not about big charity projects, it’s about neighbors doing a favor for a neighbor. For our first story, we caught Tina Christiansen helping out her friend publisher Teresa Wippel at a launch party tonight.

If you see someone doing good around town, then send us a photo and we’ll feature it as one of our catches.

2 Replies to “Caught in the act….of kindness”

  1. Great Kick Off for MyEdmondsNewsTV….and the food and libations we second to none…thanks to Tina
    Check out MyEdmondsNewsTV today…it is all about our beautiful energetic friendly community :))))))))


  2. Memories were made last night and in five years we will all remember gathering for the launch of MyEdmondsNewTV. It will be a great service to our community and we appreciate all the efforts of those bringing the concept to reality. Thank you Teresa, Maggie and Tina–the food was yummy!


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