Edmonds-area High School Students of Month for June


eLearn-Nabil MadihEdmonds eLearning

Student Name: Nabil Madih
Mother’s Name: Bouchra Madih
Father’s Name: Fouad Madih
Clubs & Activities: President tutoring club
Community Service: 126 hours community service for tutoring high school and college place students in French, which I am fluent in, and other subjects like math.
Future Educational Goals: Computer science degree, and Business Management
Future Career Goals: Have my own business, open a non-profit restaurant to support Kids in Africa and people that struggle.
Anything else we should know? I came to the United States three years ago and it was really hard for me at first but I got myself together and learned English incredibly fast, which everyone is surprised about when I talk to them. I am originally from Morocco and was born in Casablanca. I speak four languages: French, Moroccan, English and some Arabic.

eLearn-Marina JohnsonStudent Name: Marina Johnson
Mother’s Name: Monica Johnson
Awards: Most Improved in Orchestra 2011
Culminating Project: I did an internship at Nellies Thistle in Brier. I watched and observed Ty DeMore at her hair salon and used the techniques I learned and applied them to my work.
Current Employment: Currently a shift supervisor at Papa Murphys
Future Educational Goals: Cosmetology School in the fall
Future Career Goals: Get my cosmetology license and work in a hair salon
Anything else we should know? I like cats

Edmonds Heights K-12

EHK12-Christopher Park-JuneStudent Name: Christopher Park
Mother’s Name: Carmela Park
Father’s Name: Douglas Park
GPA: 3.8
Clubs & Activities: I am a member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the Order of the Arrow (the national honor society for BSA). I like to take hikes and camping trips with my troop buddies.
Athletics: As a Boy Scout I was active outside of organized sports. We took monthly trips to different parts of western Washington. One of my favorite trips was a week-long canoe trip to Ross Lake. On this trip we traveled a total of 50 miles with friends from my troop; I joined a martial arts class in the second semester of my senior year.
Honors: I am a life scout currently finalizing my eagle rank. The eagle rank is the highest award in the BSA. For every 100 scouts that go for this rank only two on average actually obtain it.
Awards: I have completed all the requirements for the eagle rank award and scheduled the meeting with representatives from the BSA and my troop that will make it official.
Community Service: As a Boy Scout of America, I have worked many hours of community service and in many different situations. Through my troop, I have worked in numerous eagle projects. I have even planned, coordinated, and implemented a project myself. I have worked with a service group called the Cascade Leadership Challenge. With this group I worked at Mt. Rainer National Park to restore a camp site that had been ruined in a wind storm. I have also worked through the Order of the Arrow on service projects in summer camps and at local parks.
Culminating Project: During my senior year, I took up programming for my senior project. I studied programming because I plan to work in the field in the future. The program that I put together puts a message through a cypher that encrypts and decrypts the message depending on the command you make. This program took me months to start and finish because I literally had to research how it all worked. I learned many fundamental lessons on programming through this experience.
Current Employment: I am in the process of finding a job at local supermarkets and depot stores. I hope to get an entry level job as a courtesy clerk.
Future Educational Goals: I plan to go to the University of Washington where I will study computer programing in depth. As a part of my career plan, I will join the ROTC while applying for their scholarship program. I hope to go into the military to further my practical experience in my work field.
Future Career Goals: I plan to find a job in computer programing.

EHK12-Sarah Minnix-JuneStudent Name: Sarah Minnix
Mother’s Name: Therese Minnix
Father’s Name: Jeff Minnix
Clubs & Activities: Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center Medical Assisting Program;
Edmonds Heights K-12 Library Volunteer
Honors: Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center Honor Roll
Culminating Project: I did my senior project on how to become a Medical Assistant.

Edmonds-Woodway High School

EWHS-Victorial Ngoc Phan-JuneStudent Name: Victoria Ngoc Phan
Mother’s Name: Mary Phan
Father’s Name: Daniel Phan
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: DECA, Fashion Club, National Honor Society, Student Mediator, Seattle Conservatory of Music Chamber Music Program
ASB: Freshman Treasurer, Sophomore Treasurer, ASB Executive Treasurer two years in a row
Athletics: EWHS Track & Field freshman year, EWHS Varsity Golf sophomore, junior, and senior year
Honors: King FM Featured Young Musician, EWHS Masterworks Competition Winner
Awards: Principle’s Hall of Fame, WMEA Region Solo & Ensemble Contest Winner in the viola category, National Merit Scholarship Commendation
Community Service: Blood Drive Coordinator, United Way Teen Leadership Council Member, part of the Compassion in Deeds nonprofit organization, viola teacher for underprivileged children, Edmonds School District Summer Math Program tutor
Current Employment: Chemistry and math tutor
Future Educational Goals: To major in Chemical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and then get an MBA
Future Career Goals: I do not know exactly what profession I would like to pursue yet.

EWHS-Anders Gould-JuneStudent’s name: Anders Gould
Mother’s Name: Lisa Layne-Gould
Father’s Name: Christopher Gould
GPA: 3.95
Clubs & Activities: I am the Vice President of Multimedia Club. Our main project was creating an animated film with a strong anti-bullying message. I am also a member of National Honor Society. Lastly, over the summer I participated in BioQuest Academy at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute. I was a temporary laboratory technician where I had the chance to learn and practice different laboratory techniques used in the real world to combat infectious diseases such as Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis.
ASB: ASB Senator (2012-2013); ASB Technology Officer (2013-2014)
Athletics: I am an active member of the Dale Turner YMCA.
Honors: Homecoming Prince (2013-2014)
Awards: Washington State Honors Award; Award for Academic Excellence from the Washington State Principals’ Scholars Program.
Community Service: I was a Junior Counselor for the Edmonds Summer Day Camp at the Frances Anderson Center for three years. I participated in Freezin’ for a Reason the last two years. I have been a tutor to fellow students in mathematics for three years. This year I was one of the review session leaders for the IB Biology exam.
Culminating Project: Since I am a Full IB Diploma Candidate, I wrote an Extended Essay on mathematics and investigated the question “how does the initial number of sides of a regular polygon relate to its area if it is cascaded to have an infinite perimeter?” This essay dealt heavily with geometric shapes known as fractals.
Current Employment: Part-time dog caretaker and walker
Future Educational Goals: Next year I will attend Johns Hopkins University to study Biomedical Engineering at the Whiting School of Engineering.
Future Career Goals: After I receive my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, I plan on either earning my Master’s degree in a more specialized field such as Tissue Engineering, or enroll in Medical School to earn my M.D.-Ph.D.
Anything else we should know? I’m incredibly honored to be chosen as student of the month!

Scriber Lake High School

SLH-Marcus Peeples-JuneStudent Name: Marcus Peeples
Mother’s Name: Jill Lathrop
Father’s Name: Gary Peeples
Clubs & Activities: Basketball, Camping, swimming and paintball
Culminating Project: Mechanic/Management. I followed the district fleet manager for Waste Management in Bremerton.
Future Educational Goals: Attend a four-year university
Future Career Goals: Serve in the United States Navy

SLH-Autumn Gordon-JUneStudent Name: Autumn Gordon
Father’s Name: Brian Gordon
Clubs & Activities: Edmonds Police Explorer
Culminating Project: Police S.W.A.T Team
Current Employment: Walgreens
Future Educational Goals: Master’s or Ph.D in Clinical Psychology; double major in both clinical psychology and pre-law
Future Career Goals: Forensic Psychologist
Anything else we should know? I like to read.


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