Edmonds businesses take the Green Business Pledge — and you can too


GreenBusiness_Logomaster_print_600The City of Edmonds has released the names of the first round of local businesses that have taken the city’s Green Business Pledge:

  • Gallery North
  • Merri Lee Jacobs, PhD Psychologist
  • Landau Associates
  • Walnut Street Coffee
  • Cheesemonger’s Table
  • City of Edmonds Public Works Department

As part of the City of Edmonds’ efforts to encourage environmental awareness among its business community, the city created an online Green Business Pledge. This gives local businesses the opportunity to be recognized as leaders and role models for their commitment to reducing negative impacts to our environment through sustainable business practices. The city has challenged every business to take the Green Business Pledge as one step toward becoming an environmentally conscious member of the city.

To get on board, go to https://greenbusiness.edmondswa.gov and fill out the pledge. The second round closes on June 30.

Here are a few examples of actions businesses could take to qualify:
– Replace disposable flatware and tableware with reusable items
– Recycle cardboard, newspapers, paper, plastic bottles
– Buy items with recycled content
– Use double-sided printer settings
– Use weatherstripping and caulking to seal windows and doors
– Replace incandescent bulbs with efficient LED lighting
– Plug equipment into a time switch to turn off after working hours
– Replace toxic products with safe and healthier alternatives

Recognized businesses are awarded a Green Business Pledge Emblem to display in their window and will receive recognition on the City website and local media for their commitment to conserving and protecting the environment.

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  1. If any businesses are considering doing this I would gald to assist. I am the Building Engineer at a Local College and have been working diligently over the past several years to accomplish similar goals at the College and have been pretty sucessful. I have attended several of the West Coast Energy Management Congresses and will be attending this year’s in just a couple of weeks. As an Edmonds Resident I would volunteer my help to anyone who would be interested. I am very happy to hear about this project to help our Community become an even greener place to live. If anyone could tell me how to get in touch with folks desiring to go green I would really appreciate it.


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