Edmonds Kind of Play: Kid-friendly Arts Festival, low tide walks, and Yost Pool opens Monday

Jen Marx
Jen Marx

With preschool out and camp on the horizon, I have had a newly-minted 5-year-old with me full-time. I forgot –by forgot I mean grossly underestimated– what it was like to be in charge of the entertainment. My Facebook feed has been full of blogs posts based on giving kids a summer more like we had, you know food dyes, lack of supervision and less sunscreen. Sure it sounds great and I can totally taste the hose water, but I don’t think it’s that cut and dried. There has to be a happy place between a “’70s summer” and a packed “summer bucket list.”

Whether you have a kid who has one foot in summer, both feet in summer or a kid who is blissfully unaware of seasons, there is something on-deck for you to do in Edmonds.

Edmonds Arts Festival starts Friday, June 13 and runs through Father’s Day, Sunday, June 15. While I like to go to the Art Festival alone to check out Jennifer Lommers’ booth all by myself, there are great activities for the kids in the Kids Create tent. There are “Pacific Northwest Beach” art activities for kids ages 4 to 12 along with student art exhibits, and the ever-popular face painting. You can find the Kids Create tent in the southwest corner of the Artist’s Plaza. For more information you can check out www.EdmondsArtsFestival.com.

As a sure sign of an impending summer vacation, Yost Pool, 9535 Bowdoin Way,will open Monday June 16. You can already register for the swim team, swim lessons and other pool programs by calling 425-771-1346. You can find the pool schedule, pricing, and information on any other programs at yostpool.edmondswa.gov or you can call 425-771-1346.

This weekend is both Father’s Day and low tide. Low tide is a big deal at our house; it may actually eclipse Father’s Day. This weekend there are FREE public beach walks lead by Ranger-Naturalists. You can get a one-hour “introduction to the intertidal community” Saturday at noon and Sunday at 1 p.m.. The walks, which both begin when the tide is its lowest for the day, start at The Olympic Beach Visitor Station, 200 Admiral Way, at the foot of the fishing pier. We have done many Ranger-Naturalist led events and I highly recommend them, as well as the touch tank at the Visitor Station which is open weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day. For more information call 425-771-0227.

– By Jennifer Marx

Jen Marx, an Edmonds Mom of two young boys, is a traffic reporter by dawn and writer and PBJ maker by day. She is always looking for a fun place to take the kids that makes them tired enough to go to bed on time. You can find her trying to make sense of begging kids to ” just eat the mac n cheese” at SnackMomSyndrome.com. If you have a kid-friendly event you’d like to share, email her at [email protected].



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