Edmonds PCC to demonstrate new food scrap recycling system Thursday


The Edmonds location of PCC Natural Markets is holding a demonstration of the WISErg Harvester, which allows PCC to capture the nutrients from food scraps generated in the store and use them to create a liquid fertilizer sold by PCC.

According to a PCC announcement: “The system greatly reduces the volume of compost transported off-site and also provides valuable inventory control data to our management. The WISErg system was developed with PCC’s participation and we are very happy to have brought this exciting technology to Edmonds.”

PCC is hosting ongoing demonstrations of the Edmonds Harvester on Thursday morning, June 26, between 8 and 10 a.m. The Edmonds PCC is located at 9803 Edmonds Way; the Harvester is located on the west side of the store, near the loading dock.

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  1. How great in a city where we can’t even throw our food scraps in our yard waste and we can’t get plastic bags anymore in the grocery stores because our city won’t mandate our garbage company to recycle them.


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