My Edmonds Restaurant News: Yummy choices at Firdale Village, Five Corners — what’s your favorite?

Taste of Manila is closed, and will be home to
Taste of Manila at Five Corners is closed, and will be home to Shooby Doo catering, which had been sharing kitchen space with Bar Dojo next door.

Best Kept Secrets … Restaurants that is! Readers, please share if you have a favorite place that is tucked away in our wonderful town. My husband recently turned me on to Caravan Kebab, hidden in plain sight at Firdale Village. This little café space has been home to several food business over the years, even launched the Flying Apron, back when vegan and gluten-free baked products were in the early stages. My husband’s search for vegan entrees led him to Caravan Kebab. He loved having lots of vegan entrée choices.

Lots of yummy choices for all of us meat eaters too! I won’t need a coupon to get me back for more, but this savvy restaurant owner has been generous with discounts in several of the local mailings, so if you need that little push, seek and clip! You will be rewarded

The Five Corners Roundabout, construction has begun! Regardless of your feelings about this project, please remember the restaurants located on the corners of this construction zone and patronize them! Soup’s On Cafe owner Theresa Williams lamented the lack of business, which she perceives is due to customers not wanting to drive into the mess. She wondered if the downturn in traffic at this section affected the fortunes of The Taste of Manila restaurant, which has closed!

Readers have expressed sadness to see an almost 10-year business close shop. “My family celebrated birthdays there, so it had a lot of good memories,” says David Carlos, fondly remembering many meals at the Taste of Manila. The owners could not be reached for comment.

Shooby Do Catering will be the new tenants. Shooby Do catering, owned by Shubert Ho, who also owns Bar Dojo in the same complex, must be happy. Staffers at Bar Dojo said successfully increasing the catering bookings meant the kitchens at Bar Dojo were getting a bit jammed. Catering staff had to be finished up early in the day to allow Bar Dojo time to begin their evening menu preparations. General Manager Andrew Leckie agrees. Having sampled the menu at Bar Dojo, I can see why it is hard to get a table or even a spot at Happy Hour on some evenings! Remembering the spread from Shooby Do at my son’s recent wedding, I’ll bet they are inundated with catering jobs! A separate kitchen for the catering portion of the business will allow for more growth… without chefs arm wrestling for spots at the counters!

June just flew by and coming up next week is the holiday that ushers in our NW summers!

Forecasts for 4th of July promises wonderful weather and there are many opportunities for noshing at our downtown restaurants, whilst maneuvering for optimum viewing of this year’s Edmonds Kind of 4th parades and other activities during the day.

Rumors are flying about a possible food court becoming part of the Salish Crossing, as the renovation of the whole property continues.

Foodies and Restaurateurs’… please let me know what is happening in our Edmonds Food scene! I can be reached at

— By Kathy Passage

2013-01-25_12-31-20_48 A specialty gourmet food broker for over 30 years, Kathy Passage has in-depth knowledge on food and the special qualities of ingredients used in the exquisite products she helped bring to market. Kathy brings this unique perspective from the “other side of the plate” to writing about the food and restaurant scene in Edmonds.

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    1. Vivian – note the story here about the Dining Dog having a Taco Night, starting tonight from 4-7, at Firdale Village. Some Edmonds restaurants that have outdoor patios do allow dogs, and I think that would be a fine topic for a future column.
      Teresa, My Edmonds News


  1. Three thumbs up for Caravan Kebab, Colonial Pantry and Venice Pizza all located in Firdale Village. Any ideas as to what might be going into the former Girasol space in the Westgate neighborhood?


  2. Bar Dojo has become our favorite restaurant in Edmonds, great fusion cooking; casual options, formal options, comfort food, great cocktails, great staff and owners, we love it.


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