EPIC group announces winners in annual writing contest


EPIC Group Writers on Tuesday announced the following winners in this year’s writing contest. The theme was “Reflections.”

Adult Division
1st Place: Diane Duca /The Plastic House; 2nd Place: Joe Rice/McNess Man; 3rd Place: Aimee Macdonald/Mettle on Metal

Youth Division
1st Place: Abigal Alpers/Pictures on the Water; 2nd Place: Thomas Ghebreyesus/The Time Traveler; 3rd Place: Savannah Steffen/The Red One

The selected winners will read their work and be honored at a reception, co-sponsored by the Edmonds Library and EPIC Group Writers, at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 19 at the Edmonds Library.

The mission of EPIC Group Writers is to support those who create, communicate and connect through cultural and artistic endeavors, especially the literary arts. EPIC Group Writers is an Associated Program of Shunpike, a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency. Contributions to EPIC Group Writers are tax-deductible.

EPIC Group Writers sponsors a weekly writing group from fall through spring, talks by authors and publishers, monthly travel writing group, annual writing contest, workshops and various other literary events throughout the year. Membership in EPIC is $25/year, is tax-deductible, and members receive discounts on workshops and other activities.

Additional information is available at www.epicgroupwriters.com and www.facebook.com/EPICgroupWriters.

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  1. What a great group! I hope to read all of their works at some point! I love being a part of EPIC and other Edmonds area groups too like the Edmonds Story-time readings on Sundays at Cafe Louvre and the new Travel Writers group that meets at Savvy Traveler!


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