Juggling class to be offered at Edmonds Senior Center

Randy Engels, right, teaches juggling.

Juggling is coming to the Edmonds Senior Center.

Randy Engels, a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercises (ACE), and 35 years teaching experience in organic chemistry at a community college, is offering a four-week juggling program for seniors with no juggling experience. The program runs June 12 to July 3, from 10-11 a.m. in the Senior Center ballroom at ESC. Each class is $5 and drop-ins are welcome.

According to Engels, juggling is a fun way to improve coordination, increase range of motion and flexibility, improve upper body strength, reduce anxiety and improve concentration, as well as provide mild cardio activity.

Engels, who also has a certificate as a senior fitness specialist from Exercise Etc and is insured, explains that research shows juggling can increase the amount of white and gray brain matter in seniors and adults and may indicate that the normal loss of brain cells with age can at least partially be counteracted by juggling. Studies also show that juggling may slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

This specially designed class for seniors who have no experience with juggling, and will include both individual and group exercises. He will also provide individual instruction to accommodate different learning rates.

Although there are three categories — balloon juggling, bounce juggling and traditional toss juggling — class will start out with simple exercises using one ball, progressing to three-ball juggling.

Registration is open in the Senior Center Administration Office, located at 220 Railroad Ave., Edmonds, south of the ferry dock. Parking is available in the senior center lot and at the fishing pier (first parking lot on Railroad Avenue after you turn off Dayton Street).

For more information, visit email [email protected] .


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