This Month in Edmonds History: History goes digital

Hotel Bishop on corner of 2nd Avenue North and Bell Street; persons unknown, circa 1900
Hotel Bishop on corner of 2nd Avenue North and Bell Street; persons unknown, circa 1900

My Edmonds News is proud to present a monthly look at Edmonds history, straight from the archives of the Edmonds Historical Museum. For the month of June, we’ll visit the digital archives.

As part of a grant-funded project last year, the Edmonds-South Snohomish County Historical Society and Museum was able to digitize several issues of its historical newspapers. These issues are now live, and available for viewing and research at:

Museum staff hand-picked the editions to be digitized based on preservation needs and the condition of the artifact. In an effort to preserve important information on these very fragile pages, many of the earliest editions were chosen; an issue from 1892 represents the earliest. The newspapers are listed by year and also searchable by keyword.   For the month of June, for example, there are issues from 1905, 1906, 1907, and 1916. An excerpt from each of these years is included below:

June 30, 1905:

The steamer Dakota, the twin monster of the deep seas, passed Edmonds on her way to Smith’s cove Tuesday morning. The captain probably overlooked the fact that Edmonds was the first city to greet him on his entering Puget Sound or he would have recognized their silent welcome with a few “hellos” from his big whistle. The immensity of this city on the sea can best be realized when it is seen close to one of the ordinary steamers that ply the sound or run between Seattle and the north or San Francisco.

June 15, 1906:

What is the matter with Edmonds?

Encouraged by the success of the movement in other towns, the mayor of Stanwood has issued a proclamation designating a day to be set aside for the purpose of cleaning up the streets, alleys and yards. Good idea. (Good idea for Edmonds, too.)

June 7, 1907:

Olympic View Changes Hands

The Olympic View Hotel changed hands this week, and judging from the character of the new landlords, Mr. Fred M. Blake and Mr. E.I. Griffin, Edmonds will soon have a hostlery in which it can take additional pride. Both gentlemen are experience hotel men and are from New Hampshire, though they have been some years in the western country. The hotel will be remodeled and refurnished throughout…

June 2, 1916:

Capt. J.L. Hollick of barge No. 3 of the Standard Oil Co., accompanied by his wife, is off on a trip up the Snohomish River to deliver a 2,000 barrel cargo of fuel oil to the Lowell paper mill. Mr. and Mrs. Hollick had an interesting if dangerous adventure on this same river during extreme cold weather last January, when they were frozen in for a week.

Funds for digitizing these newspapers were provided in part by a Snohomish County Community Heritage Program grant. Museum staff hopes to digitize additional newspapers in the future, as funding allows.

Caption: Photo 161.14: Hotel Bishop on corner of 2nd Avenue North and Bell Street; persons unknown, circa 1900

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  1. What a great addition to an already great on line newspaper. A large part of a newspaper’s mission is to inform people of their present as well as their past. Most do the former without regard to the latter. It also reinforces my desire to have folks investigate their own past by looking through family archives/photos for contributions to this wonderful new feature.

    Gerry Tays
    Chair, Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission


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