Newest ‘On the Fence’ artwork to be installed in Edmonds Friday morning


 The Edmonds Arts Commission’s newest “On the Fence” temporary art exhibit will be installed June 13 on the City fence just south of Art Works at 2nd and Dayton.

The new artwork, “SEVEN”, is borne from 30 years of friendship and artistic collaboration. Mona T. Smiley-Fairbanks and Lisa Wickstrom created this temporary sculpture as an endeavor to mesh whimsy and important ideas of our time.

Inspired by an accompanying poem, the artists chose to build a rope from seven strands. In tradition seven is the number of completeness, perfection, and truth. But nothing is exactly as it seems.

This knotted rope represents the forces that bind communities, friendships, and memories. It also reminds us of tangible connections to the nautical world at our doorstep and its integral role in our lives here in the Pacific Northwest. Knots also symbolize boundries or things that are stuck. Decide this sculpture’s meaning for yourself, as well as what the untethered tails (tales) of the rope mean to you.

All the materials were previously used, collected locally, and re-purposed to create the sculpture. This fall, they will be either reused or recycled – again.

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