Poem: Ode to Joey


(August 29, 1931 – June 19, 2013)
By Bill Morton

I’m calling you, Joey
From wherever you are
To join us all here,
To celebrate your life.
Your childhood wish
Has now come to pass
Off the swinging bridge
Into the Skagit, flowing fast.
This time you float
On the wind and the water.
Your ashes disburse
Along with the flowers
And tears of your loved ones.
With prayers on our lips
We committed your ashes
To the deep waters below.
Swiftly they’re carried
Down the stream to the sea,
To merge with the universe
And perhaps back to me.
You have helped so many
Through love and through tears
In your life as a teacher
As mother, grand and great grandmother too,
You graced us all with your life.
Now you are with great grace,
Sharing it in Heaven
With loved ones who’ve passed.
And you’ve gone to joined those
From many years past.
So “goodbye” for the present,
I’ll join you again,
Whenever I’m called.
I love you Joey,
You’ve brightened my life.

This past Saturday, Bill Morton launched Joey’s ashes into the Skagit River, and sent this poem along with a note: “The launch was two days after the first anniversary of her passing. Her daughter, son and his wife and mother-in-law, and my daughter were there.” You can read more about Bill and his beloved wife Joey here.


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