Scene in Edmonds: Low tide treasures

From Julie Van Tosh, Edmonds beach at low tide Thursday.
From Julie Van Tosh, Edmonds beach at low tide Thursday.

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  1. Surprise, surprise! Found today at about 1:30 p.m. on the beach, small antique Charles Meakin England china (believe it is an antique salt dish or something along those lines)…..Warranted Royal Ironstone China. Perhaps from 1870-1889. I’m trying to figure out if it originated from an old ship passing up the coast…..Got kind of excited in my original research of this as it appears that a Fort Clatsop Dig – Lewis and Clark Journey 1805-6 had some of this Meakin English company earthenware found at the Fort Clatsop dig in 1961…….I got so excited I even followed its path from the dig to Edmonds shore! (now THAT was fun!)…..but this a little later piece I believe. ….
    Anybody with information out there regarding this English china company much appreciated, or old ship lore from this time period along coast, where it may have originated……I did find a “Mazinga” archaeological excavation and architectural survey from California, California Park Museum……with this description of this earthenware found in dig…….

    This is a very, very heavy utilitarian type of china that looks to be maybe used on ships, etc. I would like to find its history in relation to our shore. Quite a treasure…. lots of people on the beach and nobody flipped it over to see the English marking…..I flipped it because it looked like it could be a piece of heavy antique pottery……Surprise, surprise

    This was found halfway between the fishing pier and the ferry quite a ways out there


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