Swedish/Edmonds emergency department recognized by national association for ‘exceptional performance’


swedish logoThe Swedish/Edmonds emergency department was one of 17 departments across the U.S. Tuesday awarded the prestigious Lantern Award from the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA). The award honors emergency departments that exemplify exceptional practice and innovative performance in the core areas of leadership, practice, education, advocacy and research.

According to the ENA announcement, the Lantern Award “is a visible symbol of an emergency department’s commitment to quality, safety, presence of a healthy work environment and accomplishment in incorporating evidence-based practice and innovation into exceptional emergency care.” Both Swedish/Edmonds and Swedish/Ballard emergency departments were recognized, along with 15 others nationwide. You can see the complete announcement with all winners here.

“These 17 emergency departments serve as true models of excellence for their commitment to quality care, safety, and presence of a healthy work environment,” said ENA president Deena Brecher, MSN, RN, APN, ACNS-BC, CEN, CPEN. “It is important for us to recognize that these hospitals are at the forefront of emergency care. We look forward to sharing their best practices with ENA members who are all committed to exceptional performance.”

According to the announcement, all emergency departments are eligible to apply for the Lantern Award, but only a select few meet the highest excellence standards. The rigorous application process requires emergency departments to submit detailed performance metrics, narratives and exemplar responses. A team of reviewers thoroughly evaluate the submissions through a blinded review process.

Recipients will be recognized at an awards gala during the 2014 ENA Annual Conference Oct. 7-11 in Indianapolis. Award recipients are also recognized through use of the official Lantern Award seal and a physical award to display in their emergency department. The award period is three years and recipients have the option to re-apply at the end of their award period.

The Lantern Award is named in honor of Florence Nightingale, who is credited with changing nursing from an untrained job to a skilled, science-based profession. She is referred to as the “Lady of the Lamp” for her actions during the Crimean War when she worked deep into the night, bringing a lantern with her as she tended to wounded British soldiers as they slept.

2 Replies to “Swedish/Edmonds emergency department recognized by national association for ‘exceptional performance’”

  1. I say bravo to Stevens…. I have had terrible, awful experiences at the emergency room in the past; confusion, indifferent staff, seemingly randomly long wait times, and a gut feeling I was getting substandard care.

    But a return last year showed what a sea change they’ve undergone… Particluarly impressive was how myself and every other person who walked through the door was greeted personally and immediately, and asked if we were in need of immediate assistance. And the specific, one on one attention was kind of a marvel… Clearly it was designed to improve quality of care, but it also had the effect of dramatically reducing stress.

    Bravo, Swedish/Stevens


  2. I also received excellent care from our Swedish/Edmonds ER in March after significant fall. Caring and capable staff. Certain their professional and compassionate care was instrumental in my eventual recovery. Thank you and congratulations Stevens/Edmonds ER!


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