Want to learn more about neighborhood crime? Edmonds data part of CrimeMapping.com

An example of data available through Crimemapping.com
An example of local data available through Crimemapping.com

The Edmonds Police Department said Friday that it is participating in CrimeMapping.com, a nationwide service that allows residents with Internet access to map out and report on incident data near any address in the city.

With this service, residents can stay informed regarding crime and/or calls for service in their area — and can see what’s happening near their home, work office, or child’s school of attendance.

By entering addresses into CrimeMapping.com, the public can access the latest information, which is displayed on a map using symbols to indicate different types of crimes and/or calls for service. Citizens can also select crime or call types, date ranges and a geographic buffer. For example, a local resident concerned about auto theft can display the locations of all such crimes in the past two weeks within a mile of their address. Citizens can generate reports as well as subscribe to the system to receive automatic email updates for any area of their choice.

According to Edmonds police spokesman Mark Marsh, the police department webpage will include a link to the CrimeMapping.com website within the next week.


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