Edmonds-Kingston ferry run back to two boats

From Ken Sjodin, a ferry docks in Edmonds Thursday.

The Edmonds-Kingston ferry route is now back to two boats.

The Washington State Ferries had transferred one of the Edmonds-Kingston route boats to the Seattle-Bainbridge run following a power outage on the ferry Tacoma Tuesday, resulting in long delays for drivers in both Edmonds and Kingston Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon, the ferry system added a second ferry, the Chelan, to restore two-boat service to the Edmonds-Kingston run.

As a result, the Anacortes-Sidney, B.C. line, normal route for the Chelan, was suspended Thursday afternoon and Friday, causing cancellation of some ferry riders’ reservations.

The Anacortes-Sidney, BC international route will resume on Saturday.

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  1. It appears that the Chelan has been removed this morning (Friday). The Wenatchee (same class as the Puyallup) just departed for Kingston. Both the Chelan and Spokane just departed from Kingston. Apparently the Chelan is going back to the Anacortes – Sidney run.


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