Letter to the Editor: Justin McMahon ‘a true progressive’


Dear Editor:

I’m writing in support of Justin McMahon who is running for State Representative in the 21st Legislative District. I’ve know Justin for many years. The one thing that has impressed me throughout those years is that Justin says what he means and does what he says. Justin does not play politics.

Justin grew up in Lynwood where his family struggled to make ends meet. Through hard work and dedication, Justin pulled himself out of poverty to realize the American Dream. Justin wants to ensure that opportunity is available to everyone. Justin is a true progressive who will champion working families, women’s rights, opportunities for low-income families and seniors, amongst others. And, unlike other candidates, Justin has an economic development plan that involves more than just closing tax loop-holes.

I support Justin McMahon because I know he will not sell out to special interest groups, and he will do what he says he will do.

Thank you.

Priya Sinha

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