Letter to the Editor: Strom Peterson will work for us


Dear Editor,
Strom Peterson, an Edmonds City Council member and candidate for the State House in the 21st Legislative District, is trustworthy, reliable, and committed to serving his constituency as an elected official. As much as we all hope those words apply to all politicians, they do not always. Strom has proven himself to be all of those things and more—he shows up to community events, he shops local, he works to strengthen our local community. It’s important that we elect people to the State House who will work for us, the citizens of the 21st District, and who see that as their number one priority. I am proud to have Strom Peterson as my candidate and my future State Rep.

-K. Karrick, Edmonds, WA

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  1. Strom has been one of the “level heads” on the council and deserves a chance at higher office.


  2. I find it interesting that you have developed the opinion that Strom Peterson will work for “us”. Can you or Mr. Peterson tell me what Mr. Peterson’s definition of “us” is?


  3. I’ve often wondered how Mr. Peterson determines how to work for us.

    For example, last week he voted against a motion to amend the Transportation Improvement Program to include only the south portion of the Sunset Avenue Walkway Project.

    Several citizens took the time to attend last week’s City Council meeting and make public comments related to Sunset Avenue. Are those citizens members of “us”?

    I questioned the Sunset Avenue Walkway Project public process in the following commentary:


    I am sincere – I truly wonder how Mr. Peterson determines how to work for us. Do public comments made by citizens have any impact on his determination?


  4. Mr. Reidy seems to have confused “works for us” as meaning “always does what I and my cohorts want.”

    In case Mr. Reidy has forgotten, we live in a representational democracy, which is founded on the principle of elected officials representing a group of people. I don’t recall anything in the US constitution, nor have I found any documents in the codes and regulations of the City of Edmonds regarding the squeaky wheel being legally bound to receive the grease due to decibels of said squeakiness.

    Over the last several years even Strom’s most vociferous opponents have stated that he is a talented listener who looks at all sides of a subject and does what he feels is right, based on the facts and not the emotions. Thus to imply he doesn’t listen to citizen comments is unfair, and a falsehood.

    No Strom didn’t help Mr. Reidy grind his axe. Yes Strom works hard for the citizens that he represents.


  5. There are approximately 40,000 citizens in Edmonds; not even 01% (40) of them show up at council meetings to voice their opinion on any issue. Councilmembers are elected to be able to do much more than simply count votes; they are elected to use their often broader knowledge and good judgment to make informed votes. Strom has consistently demonstrated that that is his mode of operation. Nobody strives more to do what’s best for our city.


  6. I believe that all citizens should be respected, including those who choose to participate in the public process after officials have been elected to represent them. I believe all should be listened to no matter what side of the issue they are on.

    When a council member votes contrary to what the majority of the public comments support, I often wonder how the council member determines that they are representing the public. How do they know that the public comments made are not representative of how the majority of citizens view an issue? Is it possible that citizen comments are more than just squeaky voices? Can citizen comments provide knowledge worth considering? Or is the public process a waste of time because those elected often have broader knowledge?

    I hope the above comments are viewed as reasonable thoughts and questions.


  7. The citizens of this town know it doesn.’t make any difference. Many are afraid to say anything and many have been intimidated when they step forward. This isnt about people in office having broader knowledge…….Just what are you saying about the citizens with that comment. This is about a well oiled boys club…….and everybody knows who the members are and have been for quite some time. Most of the citizens of Edmonds (including the “other” Edmonds) are very intelligent.


  8. …….again these elected officials work for us., not the other way around. The citizens of Edmonds are not “cohorts” and it is their voice that is what this government is supposed to be., not the voice of a select few. That is against the law. We live in a country with a JUSTICE system.


  9. Again it appears Mr. Reidy has confused “Disrespected” with “Disagreed.”

    A few citizens speaking at city council is a great part of our system. But it isn’t the only part of the process. “Listening to” does not equal “vote the way I want.” He keeps saying he was not listened to and his view point not considered because the vote didn’t go his way. That’s just not the way democracy works.

    Public comments are an integral part of the many steps of the process, not the only one. To say otherwise in a fit of pique does everyone a disservice. To claim the citizens don’t speak because they are intimidated or are helpless in the face of an imagined good old boys club is worthy of Dan Brown – poor fiction at best.

    And in case Ms. Ryder is not aware, a cohort is defined as “a group of people banded together or treated as a group.

    The irony of the previous post is terrific. The government is indeed supposed to listen to the people. All the people. Not the select few that show up to council meetings.


  10. I appreciate your critique of my comments and I will certainly consider your points in an effort to improve my understanding of how democracy works. As I said in my previous post, I believe all should be listened to no matter what side of the issue they are on.

    I am very interested in learning more about the other “part of the process”. In working for “us”, how does Mr. Peterson determine that he is listening to “All the people”? Do all the people have equal voices and has Mr. Peterson figured out a way to listen to everyone via some other “part of the process”?

    How does Mr.Peterson determine if the public comments made, even if by only a few citizens, represent or don’t represent how the majority of citizens view an issue?


  11. Strom has the 2nd worst attendance record in 2013 and 2014 and the worst in 2012.

    Here are his percentages.
    2014 – 87%
    2013 – 86%
    2012 – 88%

    I’m just presenting the facts. You can draw your own conclusions.


  12. Ken, Your comments can be said for all council members as well as all elected officials from council to president. the only way to know is if you get reelected.. Ken as you are fully aware many times audience comments are citizens who have been asked to attend. Other ways as you are fully aware are email, phone calls and conservation. Four people at a council meeting probably would not represent the majority of the voters in Edmonds.


  13. Michael, Don’t you live in Hawaii or something. If you want to jumnp back into Edmonds politics, move back. Otherwise, keep your nose out of it.


  14. Hi, Jim. I don’t know Michael Young, if that’s to whom you are referring (although I do like the way he thinks). However, I know of one other Michael to whom your sentiments might also apply. And I do so enjoy the “former” before his Edmonds City Council title.


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